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Shan States Army Held Annual Confer

Subject: Shan States Army Held Annual Conference: 

7 May 1999 <br>
<b>Shan States Army Held Annual Conference. <br>
</b>The Shan States Army South of Yawdserk held its third annual
conference, 29 April to 3 May, at some unidentified location deep inside
Shan State of Burma, according S.H.A.N. source. <br>
Although details are still lacking, the 5-day annual meeting re-confirmed
its &quot;Four Sacred Institutions&quot;: Nation, Country, Culture and
Religion and also its &quot;6-Guiding Principles&quot;: National Unity,
Right of Self Determination, Democracy, People's Well-being,
Anti-Narcotics and Peace. <br>
Concerning the controversial Anti-narcotics policy, Yawdserk said his
troops had destroyed several refineries during their ongoing campaign
along the border which began last November, during which the media were
invited twice to witness &quot;the SSA's sincerity&quot;: The first time,
on 11 November 1998, when Maj. Khamleng of Khunsang Tonhoong Column
turned over 4 drug smugglers together with 5 packets of heroin, and the
second time, on 28 December 1998, when two packets of heroin and nearly
300,000 tablets of amphetamines were burned. <br>
Also at its annual conference, the 15 Military Executive Commission,
headed by Yawdserk was elected. Among the others were Ltc. Khurh-ngern
(No. 2), Ltc. Moengzern(No. 3) and Sao Ood Kesi (No. 8). Sao Ood
continues to head the Foreign and Alliance Committee. <br>
A new brigade, the 198th, was also created. The SSA now has 7 brigades
and 3 mobile columns. <br>
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S.H.A.N. <br>
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