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Bangladesh landmine

 21 Bangladeshis killed in landmine blast on Myanmar border in 7 years

At least 21 Bangladesh nationals people were killed and 100 others
became disabled in landmine explosions along the Bangladesh-Myanmar
border since 1993. 

The landmines have been set in the no-man's land and adjoining areas of
both the countries by the Myanmar Border Security Force Nasaka, says a
fact finding report of Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma
Victims (BRCT). 

The reports reveals that people living near the border with Myanmar are
very often abducted and tortured by members of the Nasaka force. At
least 59 people were kidnapped and detained in Myanmar. Some the
detainees who were lucky to return spoke of horrible stories of torture
by the Nasaka force, the report says. 

The fact finding report was released by BRCT General Secretary Akram
Hossain Chowdhury at a press conference in the city yesterday. BRCT
President Dr Khalilur Rahman and Shamsul Haq Sharek, General Secretary
of Human Concern, a volunteer organisation of Cox's Bazar as well as
some of the victims also attended the press conference. The BRCT
prepared the report with the cooperation of the Human Concern. 

Akram Hossain called upon the Bangladesh government to compel the
Myanmar government to remove the landmines through vigorous diplomatic

The BRCT General Secretary, in a 10-point proposal, also said that the
Bangladesh government should remove, by its own arrangement, the
landmines set by Nasaka in its territory. 

He stressed the need for adequate compensation and treatment facilities
for the victims of the landmine explosions. 

Akram Hossain said that the BRCT had already began to give free
treatment to the landmine victims. 

(the independent)5/06 99

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