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A true dialogue should have a moder (r)

Subject: Re: A true dialogue should have a moderate and flexible approach.

Dear Saya Win Naing

If you are really interested on the topic of negotiation, I will send
"Efforts made by NLD to have a dialogue with the SLORC". It is in Burmese
and officially issued by NLD on 13 May 1996. Then you will have a sense of
who is truly serious on it.

Have you read "Getting Past No" (Negotiation With Difficult People) by
William Ury which was translated and prescribed by NLD for party organizers
to read?

And also, I let you know the point that the exile government, NCGUB has
developed a "Package of Negotiation".

Best wishes!



At 02:43 AM 5/8/99 +0900, you wrote:
>Those who are interested in Myanmar affairs should not only request the
>Myanmar Government but also the NLD, to engage in a more moderate and
>flexible policy in order to relieve the political tension in Myanmar. 
>Yours sincerely,
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