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Imprisoned National Political Force


1. U Than Htun		Day Da Ye (2)		Irrawaddy
2. U Thein Kyi		Taung Twin Gyi (1)	Magwe
3. U Tin Htun Maung		Mingladon (2) 	Rangoon
4. U Kyi Win 			Mingaladon (1)	Rangoon
5. U Htun Ohn			Dagon Myothit		Rangoon
6. U Mya Hlaing		Twintae (2)		Rangoon
7. U Htun Shwe		Moe Nyo (2)		Pegu
8. Daw Khin Aye Myint	Yan Kin		Rangoon
9. U Aung Zaw			Dagon			Rangoon
10. U Ohn Mynit		Thakayta (2)		Rangoon	
11. U Sein Win		Dala			Rangoon
12. Dr. Than Win		North Oklarpa (1)	Rangoon	
13. U Nay Oo			Lanmadaw		Rangoon
14. U Mya Maung		Daw Pon		Rangoon	
15. U Saw Kyaw Sein		Hlae Gu (1)		Rangoon
16. U San Tin			Hlae Gu (2)		Rangoon
17. U Tin Win 		Kyait Latt (2)	Irrawaddy
18. U Than Win		Thar Paung (2)	Irrawaddy
19. U Tin Oo			Myan Aung (1)		Irrawaddy
20. U Myint Thein		Myan Aung (2)		Irrawaddy
21. U Aung Kyin		Maung Mya (1)		Irrawaddy
22. U Soe Min			Maung Mya (2)		Irrawaddy
23. U Hla Soe			Min Bu (2)		Magwe
24. U Thaung Sein		Prome (2)		Pegu

You all were elected in the multi-party democracy general election held in
May 1990. That election was the result of 1988 democracy struggle and the
outcome of loss of sweat, blood and lives of monks, students and the people
of the whole country. In the election, hoping for emergence of future
democratic country which would guarantee democracy and human rights, the
people, enduring various difficulties voted for you.

The Peoples' Hluttaw should exist along with the Hluttaw Representatives.
Now it has been 9 years after the election and Hluttaw has not been
convened. The military government who held the election, broke many
promises several times failed to convene the Parliament. That is why the
League and ethnic parties are vigorously taking actions to be able to
convene the Hluttaw.

Till today, your fellow Hluttaw Representatives are being tormented in
various prisons. The bones of those who were killed in the prisons are not
yet rotten. Their families do not escape from numerous difficulties. Till
now, there are many elected MPs who with dedication and courage do not bow
to the pressure and sufferings. We are proud of those MPs who are devoted
to the people.

You, being the Hluttaw Representatives are not faithful to the people and
betrayed convening the Hluttaw, which will fulfill the needs of the people.
You are serving as lackeys of the military dictators who cruelly persecute
and oppress the people. You are servants of the MIS. The people elected you
to help them escape from the yoke of dictatorship and to resolve the social
and economic hardships. It was not for your personal sake and not to
overturn the hope and desire of the people by stepping on the people. Now
you are the ones who collaborate with the robbers and try to rob your
parents house. It is a shame and humiliating. The villainous act! You are
lackeys of dictators with democracy skin. We strongly condemned you and
your deed.

Albeit you try to block out, the People Hluttaw will come into existence! 

Executive Committee
Imprisoned National Political Force
May 4, 1999

(Unofficial translation by Burma Info)