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8 hilltribe People Beaten to Death

Subject: 8 hilltribe People Beaten to Death By Junta Soldiers: 

8 May 1999 <br>
<b>8 Hilltribe People Beaten to Death By Junta Soldiers: <br>
</b>A source from Chiangrai reported yesterday that a Burmese patrol
combing the hills for the Shan rebels beat 8 hilltribe villagers to
death. <br>
According to the source, a column from LB 330 commanded by Maj. Thet Way,
surrounded the villages of Nakae, Palarng Long, Palarng Noi, Phakhao Nua,
and Phakhao Tai west of Tachilek on 5 May. It was accompanied by an
ex-MTA officer, Yishay and his group who, since Khun Sa's surrender three
years earlier, have become a militia unit. <br>
A village headman, Ah Ka, his interpreter, Ah Tae, and 6 other villagers
who were suspected of aiding the rebels were tortured and beaten to
death. Nakae is populated by Lahu tribe and the rest by Akha. <br>
The Shan States Army's eastern force, commanded by Maj. Kham Famuang, is
active in the area which covers Mongsart, Mongpyak and Tachilek
townships. <br>
Shans had joined Burma in 1947 under the treaty called Panglong Agreement
which guaranteed Full Autonomy, Human Rights and Democracy for them. They
have been fighting against successive Rangoon governments since the terms
of agreement were violated. Their main party is the Shan Nationalities
League for Democracy that won the General Elections in the Shan State in
1990 and their central armed movement is the Shan States Army. <br>
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