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POSTED 10-MAY-99, 6:00AM
[Added note: To all our friends on Internet, please help write letters
to President Clinton and Mr Kofi Annan for the UN to take strong
measures on Burma.]


Dr U Ne Oo
18 Shannon Place
Adelaide SA 5000

15 March 1999

President William Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20500
United States of America.

Dear Mr President:

I should like to draw your kind attention to the enclosed communication
regarding with initiative for a counter-narcotics campaign in Burma. In
this connection, I urge you and the Government of United States to
initiate and support possible counter-narcotics measures, such as aerial
spraying programs.

I should also like to appeal by way of you to the various law
enforcement departments in United States to assist the international
community's efforts to counter drug-trafficking and money laundering.

I especially should like to appeal you and the Government of United
States to take a very strong stand at the United Nations with regards to
the various human rights and humanitarian organisations gaining
unhindered access to Burma, especially the Shan State. Such effort will
help to the international community's counter-narcotics campaign as well
as to alleviate sufferings of many ordinary Burmese people who indeed
are in need of humanitarian supports.

In closing, I thank you and Government of United States for your
continuing interest and supports to Burma democracy movement. I
especially like to thank the Department of State for their efforts in
compiling the human rights report on Burma.

     Yours respectfully and sincerely
     (U Ne Oo)

EMAILS: drunoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx, uneoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
POSTMAIL: Dr U Ne Oo, 18 Shannon Place, Adelaide SA 5000, AUSTRALIA

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