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Way In, Way Out

Way In, Way Out
May 10, 1999

Today Burma is facing international sanctions that are  affecting th Burmese
people. It is as easy as counting peas to say who the bad guys are. But
doesn't the world know it already? The blaming game ,or I'd rather call it
the crying game should have been over and both sides could have started to
have a dialogue  for national reconciliation. 

It is unequivocally clear that SPDC doesn't want to give up power. Blaming
and confronting such a regime could bear no fruit but tension will rise. The
regime facing such international embargo should also commence a dialogue or
start to be lenient towards its people, sidelining being controlfreaks. It
is quite  understandable that the regime got tested on several levels and
failed the exams. The regime's image has been far worse than ever within
this year, 1999. Yet blaming such a regime shouldn't be anything quaint
because that won't solve the situation facing Burma today. Be control of
yourself and you're the winner.If you lose self-control,you lose because
you're out of control. For both sides, there are ways in and ways out. It is
no longer time to be megalomaniac for both sides. Enough damage has been
done to both sides and the people too.If not now,when?

By Julien Moe