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Way In, Way Out (r)

     you are right -the political stalemate is hurting the people- now
is the time for humanitarian aid which I assume all sides would accept.
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> Way In, Way Out
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> May 10, 1999
> Today Burma is facing international sanctions that are  affecting th
> Burmese
> people. It is as easy as counting peas to say who the bad guys are.
> But
> doesn't the world know it already? The blaming game ,or I'd rather
> call it
> the crying game should have been over and both sides could have
> started to
> have a dialogue  for national reconciliation. 
> It is unequivocally clear that SPDC doesn't want to give up power.
> Blaming
> and confronting such a regime could bear no fruit but tension will
> rise. The
> regime facing such international embargo should also commence a
> dialogue or
> start to be lenient towards its people, sidelining being
> controlfreaks. It
> is quite  understandable that the regime got tested on several levels
> and
> failed the exams. The regime's image has been far worse than ever
> within
> this year, 1999. Yet blaming such a regime shouldn't be anything
> quaint
> because that won't solve the situation facing Burma today. Be control
> of
> yourself and you're the winner.If you lose self-control,you lose
> because
> you're out of control. For both sides, there are ways in and ways out.
> It is
> no longer time to be megalomaniac for both sides. Enough damage has
> been
> done to both sides and the people too.If not now,when?
> By Julien Moe