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FW: Intrepid Travel to Suspend Burm

Subject: FW: Intrepid Travel to Suspend Burma Tours, Unofficial, not for

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Free Burma Coalition, Australia

Dear Friends of Burma,

Intrepid Travel has just informed the Australia Burma Council and the Burma 
Office, unofficially, that following the lobby of the pro-democratic forces 
in Australia, they have decided to suspend their operation in Burma until 
such time as it is politically correct to be there.

As you may recall Amnesty International, Australia recently cancelled an 
arrangement with Intrepid Travel because they were selling tours to Burma. 

Intrepid make such decisions by giving all their staff a vote.  The last 
vote on Burma took place in 1996.  Only 2 employees out of approximately 32 
that voted did not want to sell tours in Burma.

While official figures will not be released until tomorrow, when Intrepid 
will make a public statement, the tables have definitely turned.

Congratulations to all who took part in the debate.

Just another "drop in the ocean"

Yours, Amanda