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ASEAN Labour Ministers summit in Bu

Subject: ASEAN Labour Ministers summit in Burma. 

It is regretable that ASEAN Labour Ministers plan to meet at Rangoon in
Military ruled Burma. There has been systematic and wide spread use of
forced labour in Burma for decades by the Burma Military Regime and in
spite of call for by the International communities to stop it, SPDC has
not ceased implementing the practice yet. ASEAN nations know very well
that Burma Military Regime is barbaric, vicious and the only Ruler in the
world that practice modern day slavery. 
One thing that puzzle me is why the ASEAN nations want to legitmize the
illegitimate Regime by preparing to have labour summit in the pariah
state. I am just wondering what agenda they will have to discuss about.
There is no free labour Union. Labourers are forced conscripted with out
payment and being treated worse than animals. Farmers who raise cattles
to plough their fields feed the animals well and treat them nicely. On
the other hand the Burma Military Regime forced conscript villagers and
labourers alike but do not feed them well and torture, rape and excecute
them . There are concrete evidences and host of witnesses from the
reports of UN, ILO and Human Right groups. 
One possibility of discussion that I can think about at the labour
Ministers meeting is the ASEAN nations are trying to put back their
economics in order and in doing so they need cheep labour which the SPDC
could supply to get hard currency which would prolong its staying in
power. At the same time ASEAN nations will partly solve illegal migrant
workers from Burma. I may be wrong. 
On the other hand if ASEAN nations are sensitive to human tragedies and
humanitarian catastrophe, this is the opportune time for the ASEAN
nations to use their influences to persuade the Burma Military Regime to
recognize the truth of their illegitimacy and help materialize democratic
process which has been mandated by the people of Burma.
There is not much benefit the ASEAN will reap by supporting the Burma
Military Regime. On the other hand by helping the democratic process
materialize in Burma, ASEAN as well as the whole region will see and reap
peace, stability and prosperity. As ordinary citizen and a native of
Burma, I would like to discuss a few  factors which I beleive will be of
beneficial for all of us. 
Economically, I do not see any positive sign in Burma under the Burma
Military Regime. The hotels built by some ASEAN nations are empty and the
major financial institutions refused to land a helping hand. Even Asian
Development Bank ignore the Regime. The developed nations impose limited
sanction for the Regime's human right record. The Regime continue its
printing of 
paper money with out improved economy  and can not solve the problem of
its dual currency value. 
when the democratic governing prevail, the developed nations will not
ignore Burma any more. That will help the people of Burma to start
gaining momentum in rebuilding the country  and restart their new life.
The hotels will be full with visitors, academic and economists alike and
the economy will improve. The lop sided military budget will be reduced
and the suplus budget will be diverted to education and social sectors
which will raise the standard of the people of Burma. The energy of the
military personnel will be diverted to work force for  rebuilding of the
nation. The refugees and the migrant workers will come home to restart
their new life again peacefully.
Security wise, the neighboring  countries do not have to worry for cross
border attack and they do not have to worry for the influence of the
giant neighbors to compete for the strategic poosition. 
Internationally, ASEAN nations will have smoother relation with the west 
which will enhance the  globalization of econamy, social and humanitarian
I am neither economist nor military strategist, but as ordinary citizen I
do beleive in my heart that 
ASEAN nations will not benefit by supporting the Burma Military Regime,
but will reap prosperity and stability  by helping democratic governin in
Burma  to materialize.

With Best Regards.

                                  SAW AUNG KHIN
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