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National Call-in Days: April 29 and

Subject: National Call-in Days: April 29 and May 3

Emergency Action Alert
> Killings Explode in East Timor
> National Call-in Days: April 29 and May 3
> Contact your Congressional Representative and Senators, the State
> and Defense Departments and the Indonesian government to demand:
> * A halt to all U.S. arming and training of Indonesia's
> military. Ask your Representative to support a bill about to be
> introduced in the House, in addition to H.R.1063 on military
> training.
> * Strong, unified U.S. economic, diplomatic and political
> pressure on Indonesia to disarm and disband the paramilitaries
> and  withdraw troops prior to the planned July ballot
> consultation. Your Senators should support legislation about to
> be introduced in the Senate.
> * An immediate, ongoing U.N. presence in East Timor to protect
> human rights and monitor troop withdrawals and the disbanding of
> the militias.
> * Arrest and trial of the paramilitary leaders for murder,
> incitement and other crimes, rather than continuing Indonesia
> military support.
> Please call, fax or e-mail as many as you can, starting from the top.
> Secretary of Defense William Cohen: 703-692-7100, fax 703-697-9080
> Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, 202-647-5291  fax: 202-647-6434,
> secretary@xxxxxxxxx
> U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan: 212-963-5012, fax 212-963-2155,
> ecu@xxxxxx
> Your Senators and Representative.
> Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121
> Indonesian embassy in Washington: 202-775-5200  fax: 202-775-5365
> Indonesian mission to the United Nations: 212-972-8333,
> fax 212-972-9780
> Indonesian President B.J. Habibie: habibie@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Also contact your local media, human rights, religious and
> community groups, and anyone else who can help convey this urgent
> message.
> The situation in East Timor is deteriorating rapidly, as a result
> of paramilitary violence armed and supported by the Indonesian
> army. Over a hundred East Timorese civilians have been murdered in
> the last two weeks, and the UN-mediated peace process --including a
> UN-organized vote by the East Timorese -- is in danger.
> More people are being killed than at any time since the 1991 Santa
> Cruz Cemetery massacre, and the spiral of military-initiated
> violence shows no sign of abating.
> Although U.S. government policy and media coverage on East Timor
> have improved since 1991, there is much more that they must do to
> help the East Timorese. ETAN is sending this special mailing to our
> 9,000 members to urge you to take action to end the killing, and to
> provide the facts you need to persuade your neighbors and your
> government that this violence can and must be stopped now.
> Our collective effort will make a difference!
> The full text of the alert with substantial background information can be
> found at:
> http://etan.org/action/action1/emergncy.htm
> Thanks for your support and let us know the results of your calls, faxes
> and e-mails.
> etanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetan
> John M. Miller         Internet: etan-outreach@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Media & Outreach Coordinator, East Timor Action Network
> PO Box 150753, Brooklyn, NY 11215-0753 USA
> Phone: (718)596-7668      Fax: (718)222-4097
> Web site: http://www.etan.org
> Send a blank e-mail message to timor-info@xxxxxxxxxxx to find out how to
> more about East Timor on the Internet
> etanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetanetan
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