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China's Imperialism and Lies - Chin

Subject: China's Imperialism and Lies - China's Embassy in Yugoslavia

Rangoon Post

China's Imperialism and Lies - China's Embassy in Yugoslavia

  NPR's interview in China reviels the truth of China's government.  The
person being interviewed says China's Government controlled News stated
that the U.S. Deliberately Killed The People in the Chinese Embassy in
Belgrade.   THIS is just another example of the Chinese government's
coverups and lies.
    China's militaristic government freely crushes opinion and riots
against itself, but lies and promotes opinions and riots against

  China does not support NATO's actions in Yugoslavia because China does
much of the same things within China.  Over the centuries, the main Han
group of China absorbed or invaded many Seperate ethnic groups.  52 are
recognized of the 400+ distinct groups.  China also invaded Thailand,
Burma, Vietnam and Taiwan within the past 1,000 years.  China is more
imperialist than even England.  History has show us that.