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Imperialistic China

Rangoon Post

  They call the western countries imperialists.  But over the past 2,000
years or so they absorbed and invaded hundreds of smaller ethnic
groups.  Within the past 600 years, they invaded what is now Thailand,
vietnam, Loas, Burma and Taiwan.

  The Chinese government's initial news coverup on the NATO bombing
matter... They intentionally let state run news print news (according to
an NPR interview in China) saying that the "U.S. intentionally killed"
the people in the Chinese Embassy.  They printed half truths again.
   Why?  They are manipulating public opinion just as Hiltler did.  
They start riots against against others but CRUSH it when the riots are
against them.  They are trying stir up the people and deglamorize the
Western world by presenting us as murderers.

   The Burmese junta is pratically a clone of China's militaristic