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FW: Should Go or Should Not

"Should go, or shouldn't go"

So-called "Myanmar Embassy" in Tokyo, Japan issued a very interesting
statement on May 2, 1999. The statement said it would consider possible
tax release for students who are studying in Japan. But the program
rises many questions. 
In the statement, the embassy classified students in three categories.
First, the students must be 28 year old, and they may qualify to apply
for the tax release program. Second, over 28 would be put in special
program if they were taking in graduate and doctorate studies. Finally,
students who were going to language schools shall be considered as
non-qualified university and college level students and may be put in
different program. 

The embassy's discrimination over the aging is an outrage issue because
students can be any age and anytime. What the embassy can all do here
is part-time students and full-time students. 

For example, in the United States, students are granted not only full
tax returns but also granted Federal Student Aid plus scholarships in
certain amount of money depending on how high their tuition fees are.
If the embassy is willing to help the students, the embassy should free
not only the tax, but also the embassy should provide financial aids to
the students. Without full tax releasing and aiding financial
assistance to the students, students in Japan should reexamine whether
the embassy is in a good intention. 

Again, the embassy clearly stated that it would issue "Student
Passport" to students. 
A serious debatable point here is how inadequate the embassy policy to
issue "Student Passport" is. Issuing student visa is the host country
and its immigration business. The meaning of Passport that people in
fact simply understand is it is an official document that allows
citizens to travel abroad. Issuing "student passport" by the embassy to
a citizen under the name of "student" is illegal and illegitimate. If
the regime issues "Student Passport", why don't the regime issue Farmer
Passport, Seaman Passport, Prostitute Passport, and etc.. So what's the
point? The point is the regime and the embassy want to control the
students in Japan to stay away from democracy movements and supporting
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. 

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