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<font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times" size=3D5>Open Letter to Daw Aung San S=
Kyi=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 <br>
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde" size=3D3>No.(2).<br>
</font>To ,<br>
Dear Daw Su,<br>
This is my second personal open letter sending to you with deep respect
and best wishes. <br>
My first personal open letter was sent to you on
24<font size=3D1><sup>th</font></sup><font size=3D3> October 1995.<br>
In this second letter I would like to make two points which will cover
the whole subject of my letter.<br>
</font><font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times">1.
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde">We K.S.O is with you and
your family members in this moment of sorrow and grief for the lost of
your loving husband who have been your source of strength and relentless
partner in the struggle of freedom from the military dictators rules in
</font><font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times">2.
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde">My personal perspectives
on civil war in Burma.<br>
</font><font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times">1.
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde">We, K.S.O have sent a
letter of condolence to you in which we clearly expressed the mixed
feeling of sorrow and anger that have choked our hearts in this event of
your loving husband expired. At the same time we very much disgust with
the attitude of SPDC's military janta who have rejected the request of
your husband to meet you in Rangoon. We regard SPDC's acts as heartless,
senseless, inhumane and their morality are not up to the standard of
human being.<br>
We recognized and honor your husband Dr. Michael Aris, for the role he
had contributed to the struggle for people's Democracy in Burma. <br>
We all valued your sincere love, loyalty, scarified for the people of
In this letter I have used the word &quot; People Democracy&quot; which I
would like to clarify what does it mean to me.<br>
Regarding the word Democracy, people in the world have defined it in
different meaning and many dictators using them for their own interests
and selfish motives.<br>
All military dictators are bulling people by relying on guns and using
Democracy name in different context and forms to protect their selfish
motives and for the benefit of their immediate relatives.<br>
After independence of Burma, the sovereign power of Burma was
manipulated=A0 by government in the name of Parliamentary Democracy. The
Parliamentary Democracy that they have constituted was no meaning to the
ordinary civilians but for the well being of high ranked government
officers and their close relatives. When the sovereign power of
Parliamentary Democracy was forcefully taken over by Gen. Ne win and
introduced his Burmese way to Socialism also have done nothing good to
the people of Burma but good only for himself and a small group of
military janta.<br>
We do not want any party or group who use the name of Democracy for their
own benefit. What we really want is a genuine Democracy,<br>
1.=A0 A genuine Democracy for the people, of the people, and by the people
of Burma.<br>
</font><font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times">2.
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde">A genuine Democracy that
represents for all ethnic nationalities of Burma.<br>
</font><font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times">3.
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde">A genuine Democracy in
which we all people must have the rights to self-determination.<br>
</font><font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times">4.
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde">A genuine Democracy in
which all people rights are respected, protected and promoted.<br>
These are the terms I mean for &quot; People Democracy&quot;.<br>
Dear Daw Su,<br>
I would like to present my point of view on civil war in Burma. This
civil war has been fighting since the past fifty years and keeps on
fighting until today. When I analyzed the causes of civil war, the
following questions have arises in my mind.<br>
Why civil war have taken place???<br>
Who will win and who will loss the war???<br>
This civil war which have started from the time of my parent has been
continuing till today. It is a grate tragedy for the nation and I do not
want to pass this tragedy to my children's and grand childrens. I do not
want my children get inherited this killing culture and pass to their
We can say the world history is War History. Our Burmese history itself
is full of wars and wars. I personally believe that the war have started
basically from the conflict in interest and mistrust of each others, hate
and aggression are also the important parts of causing war. Naturally
where there is war there is hate between two groups and circle of killing
going on and on. The only remedy to the basic pervasive mistrust and hate
is an ethic of tolerance and love among diverse groups.<br>
In all my life I have inherited nothing but the bad things of conflicts
and war. I have seen the ugly scenes of war since my childhood.<br>
Burmese burned Karen villages, and in turn Karen burned Burmese villages.
Karen killed Burmese and in turn Burmese killed Karen.<br>
Looting each other properties and possessions. These racial conflicts are
started from hate and mistrust of each other. My home in MauBin (Delta
region) was burned down and all the plants from the house compound are
up-rooted and burned. It was virtually genocide. Karen also had taken
revenge at the same manner.<br>
Why killing and burn down each other houses, villages??=A0 Why mistrust and
hate among ethnic nationalities, races???<br>
Can't we live in harmony and in peace??? These are the questions
lingering in my head. <br>
When I came to the adulthood, I saw another ugly scenes of killing in
civil conflicts in which many precious lives were vanished worthlessly,
wounded and disabled for life.<br>
We are fighting a war in which we hardly known each other and did not
have any grudge before.<br>
Dear Daw Su,<br>
I would like to tell of some of my experiences in war, which have take,
my brothers, nephews, cousins, and many love ones.<br>
Oct 2, 1987, the Red Hill battle of Wakha was one the best known battles
in Karen war history. The battle was so fierce that the gunfire and
explosions were ear deafening and it took the whole night and day. <br>
When the battle over, a private from (101) special force informed me that
my nephew Moe Aung Win was wounded, and I told it normal for a soldier
get wounded in fighting. But a private continued his report &quot; Maj.-
your brother have fallen in the action&quot;, &quot; Oh God- my brother
have fallen!&quot;=A0 I could not believed my ear, I felt as if a thunder
had stroked my head.<br>
Among our three brothers, now my youngest brother has fallen. Is it a
revolution reward I deserved and a gift I inherited from my father???.
A few days before my brother have fallen, he told me that &quot;
Brother!! I am going to get marriage. , I replied to him=A0 &quot; Aye!
Aye! You are now marriageable age&quot;, He continued &quot; You have to
make a Wedding Ring for me&quot;, In my surprised I shouted &quot; Oh my
God!! an ounce of gold for wedding ring, it would cost at least two
thousand five hundred baht, where can I find all these money?? I am=A0 a
soldiers and all the time at the front line&quot;. But I promised him I
would try it. Now my brother is no more and I do not know where the
wedding ring is either. <br>
The funeral service was arranged and buried with gunfire salute and
military honor. In the burying process, drops of tears jumped out my
eye's sockets, I clenched my fist and promised to take revenge for my
dear brother.<br>
Dear Daw Su,<br>
How many lives have been destroyed within fifty years of civil war? How
many tears have fallen for the love ones? How many properties have been
destroyed? How many become widow and disabled?? There are countless
sufferings during fifty years of civil war. No body knows how many except
mighty God.<br>
Another instance, In May 27, 1998, I and a platoon of my comrades were
sent to Wakha as a re-enforcement force to defense Wakha, We were posted
at the=A0 strategic banker to counter enemy's offensive. Since our banker
was at the strategic location we prepared everything from water,
medicines, food, medic to ammunitions. The fierce fighting is soon will
be eminent. We were well prepared and invested our lives for which we
must gain some thing from the enemy otherwise you are the loser. Once the
preparations were finalized, I said to my heart &quot; Brother! I will
take revenge for your blood tonight&quot; <br>
Of cause! there will be hate, revenge as long as civil war is going on
and where there is an aggression, there will be self-defense.<br>
We, comrades are ready to defense our position from aggressive enemy.
</font><font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times">I have made a deal with my
comrade=A0 &quot; let the enemy enter and passed the second fence, do not
fire till they reached the third fence. I my-self will start open fire,
O.K ?? . All my comrades agreed the deal and waiting for enemy
approaching the fences, It was midnight three o'clock, nothing was seen
in sight but the enemy's long-range heavy weapons were pounding our
positions much more than hours ago. It was nearly three o'clock and I
took a night vision from Captain=A0 Tint Lwin and look around the fences,
which are just 25 yards away from our bunkers.<br>
</font><font face=3D"Century Gothic, Avant Garde">At last, there enemy
comes, two by two, four by four, approaching our first fences, they can
be seen with naked eyes under the moonlight, I positioned my finger on my
Browning Automatic Rifle's trigger and tried to concentrate on the
approaching enemy but my mind was in conflict one hand in my mind, the
approaching enemies are those who responsible for my brother dead, they
are the one who burned our Karen villages and raped our Karen women, with
this in my mind I want to crush them all but on the other hand in my
mind, the enemy in front of me are not joining the army with their own=A0
will but they are forcefully recruited=A0 or nothing else to do except
joining the army. We all are born under one nation and all are brethren.
We did not have any personal conflict and even did not know each other.
Now they soon will die just in front of me. One hand hatred and brotherly
union spirit on the other.<br>
The enemy soldier are cutting the barbed wire step by step, the first
fence was gone and started approaching second fence, enemy were getting
much aggressive as they thought &quot;Ringworned Karen&quot; are
sleeping, the second fence also gone and about to cut third fence, then,
I made up my mind and started pulling my Browning gun trigger, within
second, all the enemy were collapsed and died instantly in front of me.
It was exactly 3.00 Am. the fighting started, the gunfire were
ear-deafening and the quite moment was turned into hell, as if the end of
the world. All enemy soldiers who enter up to the second fences were
instantly killed. The enemy's offensive was very strong but the defensive
spirits of Karen fighter were much stronger than the enemy's spirit. They
all can be taken as heroes in defending Wakha stronghold. The wave of
enemy's offensive was gradually receded and their drought were also
eventually get quite and the gun fire of both side stopped at last.<br>
I was full of joy and shouted &quot; Brother!! We made it, we have
revenged for you&quot;, Many enemy's dead bodies were scattered
everywhere, some of enemy's dead bodies are remained hanging on the
fences and some were dead waged between thorny banboom trees.=A0 It was an
ugly scene. <br>
Lance coporal Saw Nge stepped out from the bunker to collect the
remaining enemy's guns. &quot; Take care! pass the weapons to one
another, be careful landmines&quot; I warned to him. And I saw my beloved
comrade Bajamod (a Muslim hero) brought back 2 40 mm grenade launcher and
two G-4 assalted rifles into the bunker. Different kind of weapons are
pouring in one by one, at last the total guns we could seized were 79
pieces including 2 PRC communication radio and 2 Browning pistols.<br>
I was sitting on top of my bunker and starring down on the dead enemy's
bodies, most of them were badly mutilated.=A0 As a soldier, I was full of
joy at the moment because I could seize many weapons and ammunitions,
above all we won the battle.<br>
But in reality,<br>
Am I really won the battle?, <br>
Could I really revenge for my brother?<br>
Am I killing my brethren in the same union?<br>
Is it the right way to solve the political problems of our Karen
Is it a fair solution?<br>
I was thinking in my mind, <br>
How to solve the differences and mistrust among our brethren? Is the
killing is the only mean that all the differences can be solved? Is it a
&quot; War destroy not only the vanquished but also the victor,&quot;
said Barat Dogre.<br>
Eventhough, we are fiercely against war and deliriously longing for
peace, if the other side sending ten of thousand of infantry troops into
our territories with intention of killing our Karen people, raping our
Karen women, forcefully relocated and burn -down all Karen villages on
their way. Should we keep quite and let all these atrocities and insults
go on in our land? <br>
Is it violence in defending ourselves with whatever means for all these
inhumane acts?? . Should be considered it as a rebellious?<br>
What the good things we will get by preaching peace message to the
Is non-violence struggle can be applied to every situation or
What should we consider the bombing of Sadam Husein of Iraq, and
Melosovic of Yugoslavia by American and NATO alliances.=A0 If it is the
mean the kicking out all the inhumane dictators, why don't they bomb
Rangoon military dictators and bring peace back to Burma. I personally
want to know Daw Su's true insight on this situation so that we review
our current strategies and planed.<br>
I was born and grew up in this cruel civil war and gone through civil
war. I have lost my brothers and many comrades, myself was seriously
wounded, Ten of thousand of Karen people are taken refuge in neighboring
countries, many people from Burma are working in the neighboring
countries in the slavery condition. These are what we got from the civil
war in Burma. I naturally anti-war. I bitterly hate war. I am praying
this cruel civil war come to end soon. <br>
Dear Daw Su,<br>
In this second fascist revolution and struggle for second independent, we
surround and support you and your &quot; Committee for Respresenting
People's Parliament, CRPP &quot;, we are ready to take up any role for
achieving People's Democracy in Burma.<br>
We all vow and=A0 pledge to join hand with you in the course of freedom and
People's Democracy in Burma.<br>
May all vicious hate ended among nationalities.<br>
May all nationalities have the right of equality and freedom.<br>
May love, peace last forever among our nationalities.<br>
May all nationalities received fair justice and human rights.<br>
May tri-partite talk take place soon.<br>
May a genuine federal union established in Burma.<br>
May love, peace and prosperity in Burma<br>
May you in good health and long live.<br>
Sincerely Yours,<br>
Mahn R.Ba Zan,<br>