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Bangkok Post (12/5/99)


</bold></center>300 Karen seek refuge here 

Some 300 Karen refugees have fled into Suan Pueng district of Ratchaburi
following a clash between the Karen rebels and Burmese troops.

The refugees, mostly women, elders and children, crossed over via Pong
Haeng border pass and Ban Purakam. They were now under the care of
Suranaree Task Force.

It was reported a rapid deployment unit of Rangoon troops which has been
on the offensive against the Karen National Union guerrillas, clashed
some five kilometres from the border opposite Tambon Tanaosri, sending
local Burmese fleeing for their lives.

An army intelligence source said more violence was expected as Burma
wanted to suppress the minority rebels ahead of the planned Asean meeting
in Rangoon.

Meanwhile, Burma has cancelled a border trade seminar which was to be
hosted by Tak authorities today.

A source said Burma withdrew at the last minute because of the continued
border conflict and Thailand's refusal to endorse a trade agreement
brokered in March 1996 by M.R. Kasemsamosorn Kasemsri, the former foreign
affairs deputy minister, and Lt-Gen Tun Kyi, Burma's former commerce


<bold>No more raids, Rangoon warned 

</bold>The Defence Ministry has warned Rangoon to ensure there will be no
further intrusion into Thai territory by troops from Burma, following the
recent attack on a police station in Mae Hong Son.

The ministry yesterday issued a statement urging the Burmese armed
forces, especially commanders of all military units along the border with
Thailand, to seriously take action to prevent any guerrillas in Burma
from carrying out attacks in Thailand.