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I will help Burma democratics

To all democratic friends who in movement -

The real thing you should know is, Burma will not change to be a democracy
country by just the help and pressures from abroad. Because there is no
country do a real help and real pressure.Most of the thing they have done
are just a game between them and SPDC for their own purposes. Do you
understand your country is not their responsibility? They have their own
land to take care, and they have their own problems to be struggle. It is
because their country are not located in Heaven. So they have a lot of task
to do for their own society. So why do you disturb them for your own case?
Why don't you think that the Burma democracy movement is the responsible of
the 45 million of Burma National.Why don't you ask all of them to take
their responsibility again.Please tell the people that "Democracy and
freedom never come from abroad, because no one can be the owner of the
thing they didn't done by theirhand".Let try to use your own hand and brain .
Do your job by yourself. Ask your Nation people to help their own affair.
If even them do not want to do their own duty, who should help?

Compatriot Sharmars.