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I will help Burma democratics (r)

>To all democratic friends who in movement -
>The real thing you should know is, Burma will not change to be a democracy
>country by just the help and pressures from abroad.

That is not exacty true. Without pressure from abroad, 
consistent, hard hitting, take no prisoners pressure 
the arms sold by China to the Burmese junta will remain 
predominate in this equation.

Because there is no
>country do a real help and real pressure.

Oh yes there are, there are many countries and 
millions of angry people ready and waiting for 
leadership on this issue.

Most of the thing they have done
>are just a game between them and SPDC for their own purposes

Nope, not a game, a profession

Do you
>understand your country is not their responsibility? They have their own
>land to take care, 

Our country is rich, it can take care of itself.
So Let's get stuck into those nasty people the junta 
shall we?

and they have their own problems to be struggle. It is
>because their country are not located in Heaven. 

Enough of this : We have a god on our side. 

The international community are going to kick the
two SLORC generals out of government

That's a promise

-  VIVA the struggle   VIVA VIVA San Suu Kyi

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