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I will help Burma democratics (r)

>From your re..

<the arms sold by China to the Burmese junta will remain 
predominate in this equation.>You wrote.

If Burmese junta have enough coins they will really buy the high-tech
weapons from some giant Arms companies of the rich countries.Now many of
poor third-world countries buy the weapon from cheaper shops, not just
Burma junta.Don't be worry about rival for the high-tech weapon market. I
think you know some natural gass companies and many of big investors from
the rich countries helping the junta to be a rich group and than near
future the SPDC will have big money to by the expensive weapons from them. 

<The international community are going to kick the
two SLORC generals out of government
That's a promise>you wrote.

That's a good idea, the junior generals will say thank you; for his way
cleaned by the "I" community.Dozen of juniors are in the queue. So this is
why I suggested, The democracy struggle of Burma is the political and
social changing that really need the perfect involving, solidarity and
support of their own citizen then the too very little small tiny help from
abroad.The democracy movement is not just an intelligence job.So the
pholosophy need to be different.

<-  VIVA the struggle   VIVA VIVA San Suu Kyi>you wrote

I don't know what is VIVA.

I would like to ask you all to help Burma for Burma.

Best regard

Compatriot Sharmars.