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Burma OUT! FTA of my old comrades

FTA of my old comrades

Dep Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad, Jay Naidoo
and  Steve T, Minister for Sport.

Dear Aziz,

Looks like we have the first stages of a green light
on Burma Out!! And it would be most useful to get the
support of my SA comrades on this issue. The ANC has
had a particular sports role in the past, and if Nelson
Mandela could be quoted in favor of this campaign, that
too would be a bonus.


Follow the appreciations of the Shan Democratic Union, 
film maker John Pilger, HH the Dalai Lama, Dennis Skinner MP, 
Tony Benn MP, parliamentarians, sportspersons, musicians 
and numerous others.  

Support a REAL war on drugs : Sydney 2000 : Burma Out!

Music Industry Human Rights Association

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Mihra was founded during UN50 to advance and protect 
creators rights in a cultural market monopolised by the 
recording  / publishing Grand Cartel. Mihra's roots are in 
music and anti-racism and was first in line in calling for a 
sports boycott of Burma for the Sydney 2000 Olympic 

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