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NEWS-U.N. Provides Aid for MYANMAR'

Subject: NEWS-U.N. Provides Aid for MYANMAR'S Border Areas Development

NOTE: But most of this money never reasched the borders and especially
the people.

U.N. Provides Aid for MYANMAR'S Border Areas Development


               YANGON (April 27) XINHUA - Two United Nations agencies
provided a total of
               26.9 million U.S. dollars of aid to Myanmar for its
border areas development
               during the past ten years, according to a latest official
report on the

               Of the aid, 11.9 million dollars were extended by the
U.N. Development
               Program for the implementation of human development
initiative project
               between 1994 and 1997 which covered health, education,
water availability,
               environmental cleanliness and increase of income of the
inhabitants in some
               areas of Rakhine, Chin and Kachin states. 

               Other aid of 15 million dollars were provided by the U.N.
Drug Control
               Program (UNDCP) for the country's five-year drug
elimination project being
               implemented in Shan state's southern Wa region from 1998
to 2003. 

               Towards the trust fund set up by the UNDCP, the United
States contributed
               5.7 million dollars and Japan 1.04 million dollars. 

               During the period, the Myanmar government itself invested
a total of 48.84
               million dollars for building bridges and roads and
development of agriculture,
               energy, construction, education, health and
communications in the regions. 

               The country laid down an 11-year master plan for the
development of its
               border areas beginning in 1993, including the first
short-term three-year plan
               (1993-94 to 1995-96), the first medium-term four-year
plan (1996-97 to
               1999-2000) and the second medium-term four-year plan
(2000-01 to