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Burma Out (Olympic Games) Australia

Subject:  Burma Out (Olympic Games) Australian Contacts,

Free Burma Coalition, Australia

Dear Friends of Burma,

In cooperation with Roger Bunn Australian Organisations would like to join 
the international initiative to have Burma excluded from the Olympic Games 
in Sydney.  Please write to the people listed below in a bid to support the 



The Hon. Michael Knight
GPO Box 2000
Sydney 2001

Fax: (612) 9297 2020
Tel: (612) 9297 2000
E-mail: <socog@xxxxxxxxxxx

The Hon. Alexander Downer MP
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministerial Wing
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Fax: (612) 6273 4112
Tel:  (612) 6277 7500

(Remind him that we are (Aust. policy) restricting visas to senior SLORC 
Officials and we trust that will continue throuout the games.  Further that 
we can not guarrantee that people from Burma will be able to contain their 
emotions etc.)

Mr Sandy Hollway
Chief Executive Officer
Contact details as above

The Hon. Jacki Kelly
Minister Sport and Tourism
Ministerial Wing
Parliament House
Canberra 2600

Tel:  6277 7080

Fax: 62734571

E-mail: Via Advisor, Ron Harvey <ron.harvey@xxxxxxxxxx>

To bring Australian Unions on Board.

Jennie George
President ACTU
393-397 Swanston Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000

E-mail Via Alan Mattherson, International affairs and Ethnic Liaison 
Officer, <alanm@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Working for the:
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
Federation of Trade Unions, Burma
Australia Burma Council

P.O Box 2024, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620
Ph.: +61-2-6297-7734	Fax: +61-2-6297-7773