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Bangkok Post (13/5/99)

<center><bold>Troops trade fire with Karen rebels 

</bold></center>Supamart Kasem

Thai troops engaged guerrillas of the pro-Rangoon Democratic Karen
Buddhist Army in a 10-minute gunbattle along the border in Phop Phra
district, as villagers fled the area in panic, on Tuesday.

The exchange involved soldiers from the 722nd Infantry Company and an
estimated 50 DKBA troops, who were across the border from Ban Waleh.

There were no casualties.

Earlier, the DKBA guerrillas had fired shots into Thailand. Two police
officers were sent to find out what had happened, officials said.

Three of the DKBA men had crossed into Thailand and forced the two
policemen to lay down their guns. The police officers fled. The DKBA
soldiers fired at them but missed, officials said.

The Karen then retreated into Burma.

Soon afterwards Thai troops arrived at the scene and exchanged gun fire
with the DKBA across the border.

The guerrillas later withdrew from the area after Thai authorities agreed
to return a car seized by Thai immigration officials in Mae Sot from one
of their leaders, Naka Mwe.