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NEWS - Egco to invest in Burma and

Subject: NEWS - Egco to invest in Burma and Philippines

Bangkok Post - May 13, 1999

Egco to invest in Burma and Philippines
Projects are ventures with local partners

The Electricity Generating Plc (Egco), the largest listed
company, is poised to invest in power projects in Burma, the Philippines

Its first overseas ventures, scheduled to begin this year, involve
construction of small diesel powerhouses in Burma and the Philippines
with a
generating capacity of 10-20 megawatts each.

Egco plans to invest between one billion and 1.5 billion baht in the two
projects in partnership with local investors whose names are not

Construction of the plants in the Burmese capital of Rangoon and Subic
in the Philippines is due to start this year, according to Egco managing
director Worawit Khamkanit.

Egco is now finalising the investment proportions with its local
counterparts, he added.

Meanwhile, Egco is negotiating with Songthan Co and Urleiz, two of the
private power producers in Vietnam, to participate in their power
and transmission businesses in the country.

A feasibility study for power investments in the socialist state is
conducted and the ideal locations for building power plants are being
determined. Mr Worawit indicated that Egco's investment in Vietnam could
take place next year.

Egco is joining international firms to enter the power sectors in Burma
the Philippines where the markets have recently been liberalised to
alleviate power shortage problem.

Egco, of which 25% is held by the Electricity Generating Authority of
Thailand (Egat) runs two large-scale gas-fired power stations in
Thailand-the Rayong and Khanom plants-with a combined installed
capacity of 2,056 megawatts.