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Two students flee to the border.

Update Information
Foreign Affair's Committee
All Burma Federation of Student Unions.
4/99 info.


After the military regime smashed the student demonstration in 1998, most
student activists were hiding and forced to be gone underground. Presently,
the regimes try to capture these students, as they want to reopen the
university. So some students were forced to flee from inside Burma. Amongst
them, the following two students had arrived at the Thai-Burma border area.

1. Maung Win Naing - First year student majoring in Physics at Rangoon
University (Hlaing Campus). 
2. Maung Maung Htwe - Second year student majoring in Mathematics at
Rangoon University (Hlaing Campus). 

They both were involved in the 10 leading members of Amyinthit (New
Version) literacy group that was formed by the student leaders after the
1996 students' demonstration. After the 5 leading members were arrested in
Aug and Sep 1997, they carried on the team. In 31 Jan 1998, the intelligent
was abrupt the group. So they went underground and lead the team.
During the parliament-convening campaign of the students in 24 Aug and 22
Sep 1998, they formed the Rangoon District Students' Union with other
student activists from RIT, GTI and RASU.
After that, they were attempts to arrest by the military intelligent. Some
were arrested and sentenced to long term imprisonment. They could able to
escape and hide inside Burma. Then they fled from Burma in April 1999. 


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