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Rebels in Burma Threaten Convoy (He

Subject: Rebels in Burma Threaten Convoy (Herald International Tribune) 

Paris, Saturday, May 15, 1999
Herald International Tribune
Rebels in Burma Threaten Convoy

The Associated Press
KAWTHOOLIE, Burma - Ethnic rebels in Burma threatened Friday to attack a
convoy of foreign tourists in order to embarrass the military government, a
rebel spokesman said.
''The caravan is traveling in a war zone and will be attacked by the forces
of democracy within the country,'' said U Nerdah Mya, a spokesman for the
Karen National Union.

The Burmese Army has pledged tight security for the 13-car Royal Perak Motor
Club of Malaysia convoy. It entered Burma from Thailand on Thursday and is
scheduled to complete its journey May 24.

U Nerdah declined to discuss details, but other rebel officials said
operations could include ambushing the convoy and even kidnapping