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Burma OUT!! The London Demo (r)

According to Olympic minister in Carr NSW government . The invitation to 200
teams from all continents will be sent out by the IOC HQ in Switzerland on
15 of September. I had a chance to ask him , personally , about Burma team
in Sydney 2000 last Monday 17th of May .

The first target should be IOC HQ in Switzerland not Australia. At the same
time I support demo at Aus com. but you should add your points with the
criticism on ineffective Australian policy toward the regime ( lacking
sanction - boycotts - tough actions) . You should mention your support for
CRPP as the next demo fall on May 27th Ninth Anniversary of 90 elections.

Good luck,



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Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 8:45 PM
Subject: Burma OUT!! The London Demo

>The first ever London demo : Burma Out!
>To the sound of gongs, bells and trumpets. The first ever
>London demonstration to oust Burma from the Sydney 2000
>Olympic Games  took place on Friday afternoon outside the
>Australian High Commission.
>Representatives of five different organisations and unions
>were present on a warm day under a cloudy sky. Also in
>attendence  were members of the press corp and the BBC.
>The police not only kept a low profile but were interested
>that their own hard work to throw illegal drugs off our streets
>was now being supported by a genuine People's War on drugs.

>Burma Out!!
>After the demo, with the organisers smiling and somewhat
>fortified by the local brews, met to exchange ideas and decide
>the next steps in this long campaign . And later to meet with a
>team of lawyers who, as they work close by the Aus High
>Commission, are now interested in bringing their legal expertise
>into this fun filled fray.
>In a rapid effort to bring more publicity and power to its
>own campaigning. Burma Out! may soon link with the UK
>official agencies. The People's war against drugs from Burma
>has been asked to submit a formal proposal to the UK's anti
>drug decision makers in Westminster.. This, along with the
>requested proposal to the head of the DEA in Washington
>DC, has now been completed.
>Next demos
>Tuesday London....  Premier Oil  11.30am
>Thursday 27th 4pm Aus HC .. Burma Out!
>For copies of the proposals : Contact Mihra.
>Amandla!! Burma Out!
>Follow the appreciations of the Shan Democratic Union,
>film maker John Pilger,  HH the  Dalai Lama, The Free Burma
>Coalition, Dennis Skinner MP, Tony Benn MP, parliamentarians,
>Socialist Workers' Party, JPR Williams, sportspersons, Hendrix
>bassist Noel Redding, Abdullah Ibrahim, musicians and
>numerous others.
>             Support a REAL war on drugs : Sydney 2000 : Burma Out!
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>sports boycott of Burma for the Sydney 2000 Olympic
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