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Students join with an exile student

Subject: Students join with an exile student group.

Update Information
Foreign Affair's Committee
All Burma Federation of Student Unions.
5/99 info.

Students join with an exile student group.

The political situation of Burma became tense than before in 1998. National
League for Democracy is a legal political party that won landslide victory
in 1990 election. Not only the regime could not implement the election
result, but they also have been attempted to fade out the result and its
democratic role. Though NLD demanded the regime to convene the parliament
in order to complement the election result that was the real desire of our
Burmese people, the regime ignored and violent suppressed any movement of
parliament-convening campaign. Also the student demonstrations for
supporting parliament-convening campaign of NLD party were crushed. Over
400 student activist and about 1500 NLD members were arrested and some were
sentenced to long term imprisonment. Most activists and student leaders
could able to escape and went underground. Some fled to the border.
Ma May Myo Twin @ Myo Myo, 23 year-old, had arrived at Thai-Burma border in
April. During the 1988 pro-democracy movement, she was eight standard and
involved with Basic High School Students' Union. Her elder brother, Htun
Myint Aung and elder sister Ma Kyi Kyi Win were sentenced to long term
imprisonment because of leading and organizing the 1998 student movements
for parliament convening in 1998. She was also a active member of All Burma
Federation of Student Union that was secretly organized inside Burma and
Rangoon University Students' Union, one of the federated unions of ABFSU. 
In  1996 Students' demonstration, she was also active and also a leading
member of students in 1998 student movements. As the military intelligence
try to arrest her, she was hiding inside for 8 months and organized new
generation students for the movement. Presently, she join with Foreign
Affairs' Committee, All Burma Federation of Student Unions that was the
mouthpiece of ABFSU in exile.


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