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CRPP biography

Dear all

Here are additional notes to bio-data of CRPP. 

1. DAw Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest on 10th July 1995.

2. U Nyunt Wai
MP - elect from No. 2 constituency, Taungoo Township, Pegu Division
Born on 14 November 1926
Born in Sin Paung Ware - Aung Lan
Son of U Ba Swe [Former Attorney General] and Daw Ma Ma Gyi

Education    BA [Hons]; majoring in Economics - Rangoon University
             MBA Harvard University [Class of 1956]

He was the  - General Manager at the Myanmar Industrial bank
            - assigned to set up the Myanmar Agricultural Bank and became
Managing Director
            - Managing Director with the Myanmar Insurance Corporation
until he retired at 60 years in 1986

He was the treasurer of NLD and became a member of Central Executive
Committee of NLD.

Thanks to all friends for correction and inputs.