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Pass closed Following gun Battle!

DKBA had been a thorn for both the KNU and the Thai authorities.  The birth
of DKBA generates the fall of Manaplaw follow by kidnapping and killing
Thai villagers.  Even though DKBA is backed by SPDC, its main supplies
comes from Thailand such as food, medicine and clothing.  If Thai
authorities really want to stop the intrusion of DKBA troops, they must
stick on this policy.

Htun Aung Gyaw


Cross-border trade with Burma through a border pass in Phop Phra
district has been suspended since last week's gun battle between
Thai troops and guerrillas of the pro-Rangoon Democratic  Karen
Buddhist Army.

A source said Maj-Gen Chalor Thongsala, the Naresuan Task Force
commander, has ordered the demolition of two wooden bridges
across the Waleh creek.

The bridges in Phop Phra district were used for border trade,
especially imports of furniture from Burma.
According to the source, millions of baht worth of furniture from
Burma was previously imported to Thailand each month through Ban
Waleh Pass. 

The pass has long been unofficially open for trade of necessary
commodities between the two countries.

Fourth Infantry Regiment Task Force Col Chayuti Boonparn said the
bridges had been built by some people without permission to allow
delivery by vehicle of furniture from Burma to Thailand.

"The villagers told us the DKBA had built the bridges.

"We had tried to stop the construction several times but there
were still violators.

"Some people benefited from export and import through these

"But this sometimes led to conflicts and gunfights between both
sides, threatening the safety of villagers and relations between
Thailand and Burma.

"So, the officials demolished the bridges and placed barb-wire to
block the borderline and solve the problem once and for all," Col
Chayuti said.

However, sick Burmese villagers would be allowed to enter
Thailand via the border pass to seek medical treatment from Thai
health care units for humanitarian reasons, Col Chayuti added.