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If you want to Know currant situati

Subject: If you want to Know currant situation of Burma refugee

To all democratic friends-

Now the no.7 Refugee Newsletter( Burmese ) is ready to distribute. If you
or your organization need some copies tell us please.If you are from
abroad, help us with the mailing custom may be need. We will give our
account number just when you to know.

In this issue :

- The news about atrocities of Major Zaw Htun in Tennassrim ;
- Kin Nyunt's counter gurrila kill children ;
- Papun map
- Translated News about some International displaced person;
- Article about Suu Kyi for Burmese Democratic women.
- Some social, political knowledge education article for refugee.
- Refugee current photos;
- Some photo news about work shop of drug education in Refugee camps. 

etc..are inclued.

Contact fax number for Monday to Friday (09:00 - 16:00) (66-53)357695 

P.O Box 339
Chiang Mai

Best regard.

The Refugee Newsletter
Compatriot Network Group ( CNG