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French National Press (VSD)/Suu Kyi

Subject: French National Press (VSD)/Suu Kyi Feature Story May 12

VSD, May 12-19
Birmanie: Aung San Suu Kyi, Son amour est plus fort que la junte
(Her love is stronger than the junta)

Good three page feature photo story of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the
cermonial rites for her late husband Dr Michael Aris. The story
strong denounces SPDC repression, and affirms her bold and courageous
leadership. The last and only sentence refering to economic investment
in the country: "Le lendemain, 26 avril, l'Union europeenne, se fondant
sur un recent rapport des Nations unies affirmant que la situation des
droits de l'homme a encore empiré en Birmanie, renouvellera pour six
mois ses sanctions à l'encontre du regime. Sans aucun effet pour

Translated means, the 26 avril the EU renewed european sanctions against
the junta just after the UN rapport denouncing human rights in Burma. No
effect at this time...


This is not true, economic sanctions are having an effect and must
be tightened for full economic sanctions and sanctions against the oil
companies including the french oil company TOTAL Fina. The article makes
no reference to french support, dipomatic, political, military and
economic of the regime. So, this article, in spite of carrying her among
the other superstars of the world it its reportage (Keith Richards, Brad
Bitt, Laura Harring, Benard Tapie, Johnny Holiday, ah, sorry, yes, him
again) and the Cannes Movie Festival, this reportage does at least bring
home here in France the Burmese freedom struggle.