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Election anniversary part (IV)

In honor of all political parties, which represent National League for
Democracy (NLD), Arakan League for Democracy (ALD), Chin National League
for Democracy (CNLD), Zomi National Congress (ZNC) and Democratic Society
of New Society (DPNS) and will jointly celebrate the 9th anniversary of the
1990 election on the western region, Burma Info is posting "1990 Election
after 9 years" in parts.

1990 Election after 9 years Part (IV)

APRIL 1999

· Parliamentarians arrested between 1990 and 1993 and still detained:

Case N° myn/01 - Ohn Kyaing			Case N° myn/36 - Myint Naing
Case N° myn/04 - Khin Maung Swe		Case N° myn/41 - Zaw Myint
Case N° myn/09 - Sein Hla Oo		Case N° myn/42 - Mya Win
Case N° myn/10 - Win Hlaing			Case N° myn/60 - Zaw Myint Maung
Case N° myn/13 - Naing Naing		Case N° myn/68 - Aung Khin Sint
Case N° myn/26 - Hla Tun			Case N° myn/71 - Kyi Myint
Case N° myn/28 - Tin Aung Aung		Case N° myn/73 - Fazal Ahmed

· Parliamentarians arrested between 1996 and May 1998:

Case n° myn/64   - David Hla Myint		Case n° myn/112 - Hla Win
Case n° myn/83   - Kyaw Min			Case n° myn/113 - Aye  Than
Case n° myn/84   - Soe Thein		Case n° myn/114 - Ohn Naing
Case n° myn/85   - Khun Myint Htun		Case n° myn/115 - Thein Zan
Case n° myn/86   - Aye San			Case n° myn/116 - Nyunt Hlaing
Case n° myn/87   - Do Htaung		Case n° myn/117 - Kyaw Myint
Case n° myn/88   - Chit Htwe		Case n° myn/118 - Than Nyein
Case n° myn/89   - Myo Nyunt		Case n° myn/119 - May Win Myint
Case n° myn/100 - Hla Myint			Case n° myn/120 - San San
Case n° myn/101 - Saw Oo Reh		Case n° myn/121 - Tin Oo
Case n° myn/102 - Hla Min			Case n° myn/122 - Min Soe Lin
Case n° myn/103 - Tin Aung			Case n° myn/123 - Nan Khin Htwe Myint
Case n° myn/104 - Kyaw Khin			Case n° myn/124 - Ohn Maung
Case n° myn/105 - Kyin Thein		Case n° myn/125 - Mahn Kyaw Ni
Case n° myn/106 - Kyaw Tin			Case n° myn/126 - Tun Win
Case n° myn/107 - San Myint			Case n° myn/127 - Bo Htway
Case n° myn/108 - Min Swe			Case n° myn/128 - Tha Aung
Case n° myn/109 - Than Aung			Case n° myn/129 - Kyi Lwin
Case n° myn/110 - Tin Min Htut		Case n° myn/130 - Tin Win
Case n° myn/111 - Saw Lwin	

· Since September 1998, 150 MPs elect have been arrested and are in
detention as at April 1999

· Parliamentarians deceased :

Case N° myn/53 - U Hla Than			Case N° myn/67 - Hla Pe
Case N° myn/55 - Tin Maung Win		Case N° myn/72 - Saw Win
Case N° myn/66 - Win Ko	

Township NLD parties, which were announced dissolved because of a crackdown
enforced on NLD just after NLD decided to convene the Parliamnet not later
than 21st August 1998

1. 30 September 1998  	Myitkyina Township, Kachin Division
2. 16 October 1998		Ponnagyun Township, Rakhine State
3. 24 October 1998 		Seikkyi Kanaungto Tsp., Yangon Division
4. 27 October 1998 		Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State
5. 27 October 1998 		Sittwe Township, Rakhine State
6. 28 October 1998 		Mrauk-U Township, Rakhine State
7. 09 November 1998		Kya-in Seikkyi, Karen State
8. 09 November 1998     	Bilin Township, Southern Mon State
9. 11 November 1998    	Kyauktaw Township Rakhine State
10. 11 November 1998    	Minbya Township, Rakhine State
11. 14 November 1998   	Ann Township, Rakhine State
12. 15 November 1998    	Kyaukphyu Township, Rakhine State
13. 15 November 1998    	Myaybon Township, Rakhine State
14. 17 November 1998    	Pyapon Township, Irrawaddy Division
15. 18 November 1998    	Thanatpin Township, Pegu Division
16. 18 November 1998    	Paletwa Township, Chin State
17. 18 November 1998    	Mong Yang Township, Eastern Shan State
18. 19 November 1998   	Mongkhat Township, Shan Division
19. 19 November 1998    	Shwekyin Township, Pegu Division
20. 20 November 1998   	Pauktaw Township, Rakhine State
21. 22 November 1998   	Loilem Township, Southern Shan State 
22. 22 November 1998    	Kyaikto Township, Mon State
23. 22 November 1998    	Buthidaung Township, Rakhine State
24. 24 November 1998   	Taunggyi Township, Shan State
25. 25 November 1998    	Dala Township, Yangon Division
26. 27 November 1998    	Kyunhla Township, Sagaing Division
27. 30 November 1998   	Mong Yawng Township, Eastern Shan State
28. 01 December 1998    	Matupi Township, Chin State
29. 02 December 1998    	Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Division
30. 03 December 1998    	Mong Hpyak Township, Eastern Shan State, 
31. 05 December 1998   	Mong Hsat Township, Eastern  Shan State
32. 14 December 1998    	Tachilek Township, Eastern Shan State
33. 21 December 1998    	Shwegyin Township, Pegu Division
34. 22 December 1998   	Kyaikmaraw Township, Mon State
35. 25 December 1998    	Thayetchaung Township, Tenasserim Division
36. 27 December 1998    	Tavoy Township, Tenasserim Division
37. 27 December 1998    	Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, 
38. 28 December 1998    	Kyunzu Township, Tenasserim Division 
39. 28 December 1998   	Launglon Township, Tenasserim Division
40. 28 December 1998    	Yebyu Township, Tenasserim Division 
41. 29 November 1998   	Hpakant, Kachin State
42. 31 December 1998   	Khamti Township, Sagaing Division

Relevant Statements issued by NLD on the arrested MPs and party officials

Statement No. 48 (9/98)
1. As of today the additional numbers of persons that have been arrested
are: -
· NLD elected representatives					8
· NLD members of organising committees 

  (State, Division, Township, Village Tract and Ward levels)	100

2. Therefore, the numbers arrested between the dates 17.5.98 to date are: -
· NLD elected representatives	50+ 66+ 63+ 8			187
· NLD members of organising committees 
  (State, Division, Township, Village Tract and Ward levels)
			8+25+24+3+17+157+100	=			334

Statement No. 51 (9/98)
1. The number of additional NLD members that have been illegally arrested
and detained as of 10/9/98 (16:00 hours) are: -

Pyithu Hluttaw elected members 			    		4
Organising committee members and other members 
(States, divisions, Townships, villages and wards)		139

Total									143

2. Yesterday (9.9.98) 8 members from organising committees in Rangoon
Division, Thingangyun Township (Township, ward and village levels) were

3. Therefore the present position of the arrested is as follows: -

Date:	10-9-98
Pyithu Hluttaw elected members 187 + 4 				193
Organising committee members and other members
(States, Divisions, Townships, villages and wards) 
(334 - 8 = 326)  + 139 						465

Total									658

Statement No. 57 (9/98)
1. Additional numbers of persons arrested between 10/9/98 and 15/9/98 are
given below: -
NLD parliamentarians-elect						Nil
Organising committee members and ordinary members
(State, Division, Township, village and ward)			20
TOTAL									20

2. Therefore, the Total number arrested as of 12:00 noon today is as follows: 

Date: 15 September 1998
NLD Parliamentarians-elect						195
Organising committee members and ordinary members
(State, Division, Township, village and ward)			687
TOTAL									802

Statement No. 71 (9/98)
1. NLD members that have been illegally arrested since the 27 May 1998 by
the authorities are: -
Elected Parliament members     					200
Organising committee members from all levels  			712

Statement No. 73 (9/98)
1. The additional number of NLD members arrested is: - 

Elected Members of Parliament					Nil
Members of organising committees (State/Division/ 
Township/Village and Ward levels) and others 			11

2. This brings the Total numbers to date as follows: -

Elected Members of Parliament					200
Organising Committees and others	710 + 11 			721
TOTAL 									921

Statement No. 74 (9/98)
19. Up until the 24 September 1998, a Total of 921 are under arrest, made
up as follows: 
Parliament members-elect						200
Organising committee members
(States, Divisions, Towns, Villages, Wards)			721

Statement No. 78 (9/98)
1. Illegal arrest and detention of NLD parliamentarians and members of
organising committee from States, Divisions, Townships, villages and wards
has not stopped. On the night of 28 September 1998, the following were
The numbers placed under arrest as of the date are:-
Parliamentarians                         				202
State/Div/Town/Village/Ward organising committees 		764 
TOTAL     								966

Statement No. 79 (9/98)
On the night of 29-9-98 one member from the Central Women Group and twelve
other organising committee members were arrested. However, 7 members from
Sanchaung township were released so the latest figures are:
Parliamentarians       						202

organising committee members (764 + 13 -7)             	770
TOTAL 									972

Statement No.  89 (10/98) 
1. Up to the 13 October 1998, the number of innocent NLD
parliamentarians-elect, members of organising committees from the states,
divisions, townships, villages and wards and other ordinary members who
have been illegally attested and imprisoned for no justifiable reason are:- 
Parliamentarians-elect						203
Members of organising committees and others			776
TOTAL									976

Statement No. 109 (11/98) 
1. The illegal arrests and imprisonment of NLD parliamentarians-elect and
members of organising committee at States, Divisions, Townships, Wards and
village levels and other ordinary members will have dangerous repercussions
for the peace and stability of the country. Reasons given to justify these
operation have no foundation whatsoever. Up till the 19 November 1998, the
numbers so arrested are 
Parliamentarians-elect						182
Members of organisation committees from 
states, divisions, townships, villages and wards 		701

NLD MPs who submitted a critical letter to NLD CEC in April 1999

No.	Name			Constituency		State/Division
1. 	U Tin Htun Maung	Mingladon (2) 	Rangoon
2. 	U Than Htun		Day Da Ye (2)		Irrawaddy
3. 	U Kyi Win 		Mingaladon (1)	Rangoon
4. 	U Nay Oo		Lanmadaw		Rangoon
5. 	U Sein Win		Dala			Rangoon
6. 	U Htun Ohn		Dagon Myothit		Rangoon
7. 	U Mya Maung		Daw Pon		Rangoon
8. 	U Saw Kyaw Sein	Hlae Gu (1)		Rangoon
9. 	U San Tin		Hlae Gu (2)		Rangoon
10. 	U Htun Shwe		Moe Nyo (2)		Pegu
11. 	U Thaung Sein		Prome (2)		Pegu
12. 	U Tin Win 		Kyait Latt (2)	Irrawaddy 
13. 	U Tin Oo		Myan Aung (1)		Irrawaddy
14. 	U Myint Thein		Myan Aung (2)		Irrawaddy
15. 	U Aung Kyin		Maung Mya (1)		Irrawaddy
16. 	U Soe Min		Maung Mya (2)		Irrawaddy
17. 	U Than Win		Thar Paung (2)	Irrawaddy
18. 	U Hla Soe		Min Bu (2)		Magwe
19. 	U Thein Kyi		Taungtwingyi (1)	Magwe
20. 	U Aung Zaw		Dagon			Rangoon
21. 	Daw Khin Aye Myint	Yan Kin		Rangoon
22. 	U Ohn Mynit		Thakayta (2)		Rangoon
23. 	Dr. Than Win		North Oklarpa (1)	Rangoon
24. 	U Mya Hlaing		Twintae (2)		Rangoon

In response to the letter signed by the above-mentioned MPs, CRPP issued
the following Notification on 28 April 1999.

CRPP Notification No 25 (4/99) 

1. On 23 April, 1999, The National League for Democracy (Central) received
a letter sent by U Tin Tun Maung. The said letter was dated 18 April with
suggestions for solving the present political impasse that the NLD and all
other political parties were facing.

2. Prior to receipt of this letter, the NLD had issued and published a
statement vehemently denouncing their members U Than Htoon (Dedaye), U Tin
Tun Maung (Mingaladon) and U Kyi Win (Mingaladon) because they had joined
with the Military Intelligence Services - a group that is completely
opposed to democracy and human rights - and was operating to split the NLD
by conspiring and resorting to every kind of evil and dishonest tactics and

3. Appended to the said letter (mentioned in paragraph 1 above) was a list
(3 pages) which was entitled " List of persons who support and confirm the
suggestions for the solving of NLD's political problems as set out in the

letter dated 18.4.99". There were some signatures of  People's Parliament
members. The heading was type-written but the date shown therein was hand

4. Our information is that U Than Htoon, U Tin Tun Maung and U Kyi Win were
instrumental in obtaining some of the signatures of the People's Parliament
representatives. Most of the People's Parliament members are incarcerated
imprisoned or bound down and have no freedom of movement. It is very
obvious that the above three individuals must have been directed and
assisted by the Military Intelligence personnel in the relevant area.

5. More significant (according to information received) is that the MIS
made special arrangements for U Than Tun and U Kyi Win to travel to the
towns of Prome, Myanaung, Bassein and Myaungmya to get the signatures of
the People's Representatives. When they got to Myanaung to get the
signatures of the NLD members of parliament, Security did not grant
permission at first. However, on production of visitation permits they saw
the members. This is evidence of the collusion between them and the MIS.

6. It has been revealed to the NLD head office by some of its
representatives whom they have been able to contact that the contents of
the letter have been changed. There are omissions and insertions of which
the signatories are not aware. This is a misdemeanor for which the culprits
should be prosecuted and accordingly, suitable measures will be taken by
the NLD.

7. The activities associated with the said letter are measures to obstruct
the convening of a People's Parliament in accordance with the wishes of the
people which is what the National League for Democracy is striving for.
Elected representatives of the People's Parliament contested the elections
implying that they would perform their duties for the country through a
People's Parliament. Therefore putting their signatures to such a letter
amounts to a breach of faith and loyalty to the people who elected them.

Committee representing People's Parliament 

(Responsibility for distribution and publication is taken by the NLD)

The next part will be in Burmese on Election manifestos of NLD, ALD and etc.

Burma Info