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Election anniversary part (III)

In honor of all political parties, which represent National League for
Democracy (NLD), Arakan League for Democracy (ALD), Chin National League
for Democracy (CNLD), Zomi National Congress (ZNC) and Democratic Society
of New Society (DPNS) and will jointly celebrate the 9th anniversary of the
1990 election on the western region, Burma Info is posting "1990 Election
after 9 years" in parts.

Part (III)

All Hluttaw Representatives elected in 1990 elections
No.	Name			Constituency		State-Divi.	Party	Remark
1	Daw San San		Seikan			Rangoon	NLD	In prison
2	U Kyi Myint		La Thar		Rangoon	NLD	In prison
3	U Nine Nine		Pazuntaung		Rangoon	NLD	In prison 10 yrs
4	Daw San San Win	Ah Lon			Rangoon	NLD	
5	U Tin Soe		Kyauktada		Rangoon	NLD	
6	U Aung Khin Sintt	M-taungnyunt (1)	Rangoon	NLD	In prison 7/23/96
7	Dr. Than Aung		M-taungnyunt (2)	Rangoon	NLD	In prison 4 years
8	U Aung Zaw		Dagon			Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
9	Daw Khin Aye Myint	Yan Kin		Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
10	U Hla Htun		Kyimyindine		Rangoon	NLD	In prison 25 yrs
11	U Mya Maung		Daw Pon		Rangoon	NLD	
12	U Mg. Mg Kyaw		Botataung		Rangoon	NLD	Dismissed
13	U Mg. Mg. Aung	Pabetan		Rangoon	DGOSP 	
14	U Htun Hlaing		Bahan (1)		Rangoon	DP 	
15	U Kyi Maung		Bahan (2)		Rangoon	NLD	Vice-Chair NLD
16	Daw Win Myint		Mayangon (2)		Rangoon	NLD	Arrested
17	U Saw Mya Thein	Hlaing (2)		Rangoon	NLD	
18	U Aung Shwe 		Mayangon (1)		Rangoon	NLD	CRPP 
19	U Yu Gan		Kun Gyan Kone		Rangoon	NLD	Resigned
20	U Win (Min Thu Win)	Kamayut		Rangoon	NLD	Resigned
21	U Thein Myint		Tamwe (2)		Rangoon	NLD	
22	U Ohn Mynit		Thakayta (2)		Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
23	U Khin Maung Swe	San Chaung		Rangoon	NLD	In prison
24	U Mg. Mg. Latt	Tharkayta (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
25	U Sein Lwin		Shwepyitha 		Rangoon	NLD	
26	U Htun Hlaing		Insein (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
27	U Sein Hla Oo		Insein (2)		Rangoon	NLD	In prison 
28	U Hla Thein		Tamwe (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
29	U Shwe			Hlaing (1)		Rangoon	NLD	Resigned 10/7/91
30	U Thein Nyunt 	Thingankhwin (1)	Rangoon	NLD	
31	U Myint Thein		Thingankhwin (2)	Rangoon	NLD	
32	U Kyaw Nyunt		North Oklarpa (2)	Rangoon	NLD	
33	Dr. Than Win		North Oklarpa (1)	Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
34	Cap. Than Kywe (R)	Hlaingthayar		Rangoon	NLD	Resigned
35	U Nay Oo		Lanmadaw		Rangoon	NLD	Resig., Dissident 
36	U Khin Mg. Kyaw	South Oklarpa (2)	Rangoon	NLD	Resigned 8/29/91
37	U Soe Myint		South Oklarpa (1)	Rangoon	NLD	CRPP

38	U Soe Tint (U Soe)	Hmawbi (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
39	U Khin Mg. Htun	Hmawbi (2)		Rangoon	NLD	
40	U Sein Win		Dala			Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
41	U Kyi Win 		Mingaladon (1)	Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
42	U Hla Htun		Taikyi (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
43	Daw San May		Taikyi (2)		Rangoon	NLD	Dismissed
44	U Tin Htun Mg.	Mingladon (2) 	Rangoon	NLD	Dissident 
45	U Lwin			Thone Gwa (1)		Rangoon	NLD	CRPP
46	U Kyaw Myint		Thone Gwa (2)		Rangoon	NLD	
47	U Sein Win		Saitkyikanaungto	Rangoon	NLD	
48	U Tin Ko Ko		Htan Tabin		Rangoon	NLD	
49	U Htun Ohn		Dagon Myothit		Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
50	U Thar Sain		Tun Tay (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
51	U Mya Hlaing		Twintae (2)		Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
52	U Win Naing		Than Lyan (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
53	U Than Win 		Than Lyan (2)		Rangoon	NLD	
54	U Hla Than		Co Co Island		Rangoon	NLD	Passed away
55	U Ba Swe		Kaw Hmu		Rangoon	NLD	
56	U Kyaw Thwin		Kha Yan (1)		Rangoon	NLD	
57	U Tin Mg. Win 	Kha Yan (2)		Rangoon	NLD	Died on 1/18/91
58	U Saw Kyaw Sein	Hlae Gu (1)		Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
59	U San Tin		Hlae Gu (2)		Rangoon	NLD	Dissident
60	Dr. Than Nyein	Kyauk Tan (1)		Rangoon	NLD	Released/arrested
61	U Soe Nyunt		Kyauk Tan (2)		Rangoon	NLD	
62	U Aye Myint		Gyo Pin Kaut (1)	Pegu		NLD	
63	U Tin Oo		Oat Pho (1)		Pegu		NLD	
64	U Thar Maung		Oat Pho (2)		Pegu		NLD	
65	U San Tin		Zee Kone		Pegu		NLD	
66	U Tint Lwin		Min Hla (1)		Pegu		NLD	Resigned
67	Daw Hla Hla Moe	Min Hla (2)		Pegu		NLD	
68	U Aye			Gyo Bin Kauk (2)	Pegu		NLD	
69	U Tint Shwe		Wall (1)		Pegu 		NLD	
70	U Soe Thein 		Wall (2)		Pegu		NLD	In prison
71	U Hla Oo		Kyauktagar (1)	Pegu 		NLD	FTUB
72	U Mg. Mg. Gyi 	Kyauktagar (2)	Pegu 		NLD	Died on 2/8/91
73	U Ye Htut		Daikoo (1)		Pegu		NLD	
74	U Sein Htun		Daikoo (2)		Pegu 		NLD	Passed away
75	Dr. Myo Win		Kawa (1)		Pegu		NLD	
76	U Mya Lay		Kawa (2)		Pegu 		NLD	Passed away
77	U Ohn Maung		Nyung Lay Pin (1)	Pegu		NLD	
78	U Htun Kyawe		Nyung Lay Pin (2)	Pegu		NLD	
79	U Soe Lwin		Shwe Kyin		Pegu		NLD	
80	U Aung Myint		Lat Patan (1)		Pegu		NLD	
81	U Nyunt Aye		Lat Patan (2)		Pegu		NLD	
82	U Soe Win		Pegu (1)		Pegu		PND 	
83	U Myat Hla		Pegu (2)		Pegu		NLD	Resigned 
84	U Aye Thein		Tha Nut Pin (1)	Pegu		NLD	
85	U Htay Thein		Tha Nut Pin (2)	Pegu		NLD	
86	U Hla Aung		Moe Nyo (1)		Pegu		NLD	
87	U Htun Shwe		Moe Nyo (2)		Pegu		NLD	Dissident
88	U Ohn Ngwe		Nat Ta Lin (1)	Pegu		NLD	
89	U Saw Htun Sein 	Nat Ta Lin (2)	Pegu		NLD	
90	U Nyuny Wai		Taungoo (2)		Pegu		NLD	CRPP
91	U Maung Ohn		Prome (1)		Pegu		NUP 	
92	U Thaung Sein		Prome (2)		Pegu		NLD	Dissident
93	U Htun Oo		Kyaut Kyi		Pegu		NLD	In Thailand
94	U Aung Soe Myint	Taungu (1)		Pegu		NLD	
95	Dr. Sein Win		Pauk Khaung		Pegu		PND	PM, NCGUB
96	U San Win		Thayawady (1)		Pegu		NLD	
97	U Maung Aye		Thayawady (2)		Pegu		NLD	
98	Dr. Kyaw Kyaw		Ye Tar Shae (1)	Pegu		NLD	
99	U Htun Aung		Ye Tar Shae (2)	Pegu		NLD	
100	U Aung Than		Phu (1)		Pegu		NLD	
101	U Soe Maung		Phu (2) 		Pegu		NLD	Resigned 
102	U Chit Maung		Hthan Tabin 		Pegu		NLD	
103	U Thein Oo		Oak Twin (1)		Pegu		PND	
104	U Khin Mg. Win	Oak Twin (2)		Pegu		NLD	
105	U Aye			Thae Gon (1)		Pegu		NLD	
106	U Thein Htun		Thae Gon (2)		Pegu		NLD	
107	U Than Kyawe		Shwe Daung (1)	Pegu		NLD	Surrendered

108	U Pait Chone		Shwe Daung (2)	Pegu		NLD	
109	U Ohn Naing		Paung Tae (1)		Pegu		NLD	
110	U Aye Than		Paung Tae (2)		Pegu		NLD	
111	U Tin Ohn		Pa Daung (1)		Pegu		NLD	Resigned 
112	U Thein Han		Pa Daung (2)		Pegu		NLD	
113	Dr. Soe Lin		Mandalay SW (1)	Mandalay	NLD	
114	U Thein Oo		Mandalay SW (2)	Mandalay	NLD	NCGUB
115	U Mg. Mg. Aye		Mandalay NE (1)	Mandalay	NLD	NCGUB
116	Daw May Hnin Kyi 	Mogoke (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
117	U Bo Hla Tint		Mogoke (2)		Mandalay	NLD	NCGUB
118	U Saw Shwe		Ma Hlaing (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
119	U Mg. Mg. Myint	Ma Hlaing (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
120	Dr. Aung Wai		Madayar (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
121	U Than Lwin		Madayar (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
122	Maj. Mg. Mg. Myint	Meik Htila (1)	Mandalay	NLD	
123	Dr. Thein Lwin	Meik Htila (2)	Mandalay	NLD	
124	U Thein Maung		Thar Zi (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
125	U Mg. Mg. Lay		Thar Zi (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
126	Dr. Thaung Tin	Wun Dwin (1)		Mandalay	NLD	Resigned 
127	U Hla Aung 		Wun Dwin (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
128	U Maw			Tha Baik Kyin 	Mandalay	NLD	Died on 7/5/91
129	U Hla Saw Oo		Pyin Oo Lwin (1)	Mandalay	NLD	Resigned
130	U Peter Lin Pin	Pyin Oo Lwin (2)	Mandalay	Inde.	In USA
131	U Tin Aung Aung	Mandalay NW (1)	Mandalay 	NLD	
132	U Htin Kyaw		Mandalay SE (1)	Mandalay	NLD	In prison
133	U Ohn Kyaing		Mandalay SE (2)	Mandalay	NLD	In prison
134	Dr. Zaw Myint Mg.	Amara Pura (1)	Mandalay	NLD	In prison 25 yrs
135	U Ba Bwa		Amara Pura (2)	Mandalay	NLD	Released
136	U Aung Soe		Mandalay NW (2)	Mandalay	NLD	
137	U Tin Aye		Mandalay NE (2)	Mandalay	NLD	
138	U Sann Nyunt Wae	Pa Thein Gyi (1)	Mandalay	NLD	
139	U San Hla Baw		Pa Thein Gyi (2)	Mandalay	NLD	
140	U Paw Khin		Myin Gyan (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
141	U Mg. Mg. Win 	Myin Gyan (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
142	U Chit Kaine  	Taung Thar (1)	Mandalay 	NLD	Died on 9/1/91
143	U Than Htun 		Taung Thar (2)	Mandalay	NLD	CRPP 
144	U Pan Thar		Na Hto Gyi (1) 	Mandalay	NLD	
145	U Sein Maung		Na Hto Gyi (2)	Mandalay	NLD	Resigned
146	U Cho			Nyaung Oo (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
147	U Pae Tin		Nyaung Oo (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
148	U Bo Zan		KPD  (1) 		Mandalay	NLD	
149	U Ngwe Htun 		KPD (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
150	U Wan Maung		Thae Gon (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
151	U Win Hlaing		Thae Gon (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
152	U Khin Maung Nyo	Pyaw Bwe (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
153	U Hla Pe		Pyaw Bwe (2)		Mandalay	NLD	Assassinated
154	U Mg. Mg. Myint	Ya Me Thin (1)	Mandalay	NLD	
155	U Mg. Mg. Than	Ya Me Thin (2)	Mandalay	NLD	
156	U Tin Htut Oo		Lae Way (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
157	U Nyi Nyi Htun	Lae Way (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
158	U Tint Lwin		Pyin Mana (1)		Mandalay	NLD	Resigned
159	U Kyaw			Pyin Mana (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
160	U Saw Htay		Singu			Mandalay	NLD	
161	U Aung Kyaw Oo	Kyauk Sae (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
162	U Kyaw Win 		Kyauk Sae (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
163	U Ayar			Tadar Oo (1)		Mandalay	NLD	
164	U Than Ni		Tadar Oo (2)		Mandalay	NLD	
165	Dr. Soe Myint		Sint Kaing (1)	Mandalay	NLD	
166	Dr. Hla Soe Nyunt 	Sint Kaing (2)	Mandalay	NLD	
167	Daw Ohn Kyi		Myit Thar (1)		Mandalay	NLD	Released
168	U Myo Myint		Myit Thar (2)		Mandalay	NLD	Resigned
169	U Kyaw Win 		Htee Chaint		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned 
170	U Myint Kyi		Ka Thar		Sagaing	NLD	Released
171	U Thein San 		Kaw Lin		Sagaing	NLD	
172	U Aung Khin 		Win Tho		Sagaing	NLD	

173	U Ba Nyein		Ban Mauk		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned
174	U Saw Hlaing 		Inn Daw		Sagaing	NLD	Released
175	U Mya Aye		Pin Lae Bu		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned
176	Dr. Khin Mg. Swe	Sagaing (2)		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned
177	U Win Thwin		Myaung (2)		Sagaing	NLD	
178	U Bar Bar		Myin Mu (1)		Sagaing	NLD	
179	U Tin Ngwe		Myin Mu (2)		Sagaing	NLD	
180	U Win Shaing		Myaung (1)		Sagaing	Ind.
181	U Chit Khaing		Nga Zun (1)		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned
182	U Cho Hlaing		Nga Zun (2)		Sagaing	NLD	
183	Thihathura Soe Thein	Sagaing (1)		Sagaing 	NLD	
184	U Kyi Soe		Monywa (1)		Sagaing 	NLD	
185	U Saw Aung		Monywa (2)		Sagaing	NLD	
186	U Khin Mg. Kyi	Salin Gyi (1)		Sagaing	NLD	
187	U Sein Yan		Salin Gyi (2)		Sagaing	NLD	Passed away
188	U Than Sein		Pale (1)		Sagaing	NLD	NLD/LA, India
189	Dr. Tint Swe		Pale (2)		Sagaing	NLD	NCGUB, India
190	U Khin Mg. Than	Kani (1)		Sagaing	NLD	
191	U Thant Zin		Kani (2)		Sagaing	NLD	
192	U Than Htun		Shwe Bo (2)		Sagiang	NLD	Resign 2/28/92
193	U Khin Mg. Thein	Khin Oo (1)		Sagiang	NLD	
194	U Thaung Myint 	Khin Oo (2)		Sagiang	NLD	In prison
195	U Ohn Kyaing		Home Malin (1)	Sagaing 	NLD	
196	U Hla Thein		Home Malin (2)	Sagaing	NLD	
197	Daw Sae Sae		Kham Te		Sagaing	NLD	
198	U Kha Poe Kainglon	La Hae			Sagaing	NHRPP 	
199	U Dway Pot		Lashe			Sagaing	NHRPP	Resigned
200	U Kyaw Maw		Nam Yung		Sagaing	NUP	
201	U Aunt Kyi		Chaung Oo		Sagaing	NLD	
202	U Bo Thaung		Yin Mar Bin (1)	Sagaing	NLD	NLD/LA, India
203	U Tin Htun Aung 	Yin Mar Bin (2)	Sagaing	NLD	
204	Dr.. Zaw Win		Aya Daw (1)		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned 
205	U Han Thar Myint 	Budalin (1)		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned
206	U Khin Mg. Aye 	Budalin (2)		Sagaing	NLD	Passed away
207	U Bala			Aya Daw (2)		Sagaing	NLD	
208	U Htun Myaing		Wet Let (1)		Sagaing	NLD	
209	Daw Khin San Hlaing	Wet Let (2)		Sagaing	NLD	Released
210	U Kyee Maung		Kyun Hla		Sagaing	NLD	Resigned 
211	U Htay Maung		Ye Oo (1)		Sagaing	NLD	
212	U Win Ko		Ye Oo (2)		Sagaing	NLD	Passed away
213	U Bo Maung		De Pae Yin (1)	Sagaing	NLD	
214	Dr. Win Myint Aung	De Pae Yin (2)	Sagiang	NLD	
215	U Aung Thaung		Phaung Pyin		Sagaing	NLD	
216	U Tin Mg Win		Maw Laik		Sagaing	NLD	
217	U Do Htaung		Kalay (1)		Sagaing	NLD	In prison
218	U Thein Win		Sagaing (2)		Sagaing	NLD	
219	U Thaung Ko Thang	Tamu			Sagaing	UNLD 	
220	Kyaw San Nyein 	Ta Zae (1)		Sagiang	NLD	
221	U Pe Than 		Ta Zae (2)		Sagiang	NLD	
222	U Thein Pe		Kant Balu (1)		Sagiang	Ind.
223	U Myint Naing		Kant Balu (2)		Sagiang	NLD	In prison 25 yrs
224	Dr. Aung Bo		Shwe Bo (1)		Sagiang	NLD	Resigned
225	U Tin Maung		Kalay Wa		Sagaing	NLD	
226	U Bo			Minkin			Sagaing	NLD	
227	U Saw Tar Yue Tu	Phar Song		Kaya		NUP	
228	U Saw U Ral		Phru So		Kaya		NLD	Resigned 
229	U Khin Maung Cho	De Maw So (1)		Kaya		KSNLD 	
230	U Victor Lay		De Maw So (2)		Kaya		KSNLD	
231	U Boe Thin		Loik Kaw (1)		Kaya		NLD	Resigned 
232	U Teddi Buri		Loik Kaw (2)		Kaya		NLD	NCGUB, Thai
233	U Aung Thein		Baw Lakae		Kaya		NUP	
234	U Aung Tin		Shar Daw		Kaya		NLD	Resigned 
235	U Thaung Tin 		Pyar Pon (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Resign 6/26/91
236	Col. Thet Wae (Ret.)	War Kae Ma		Irrawaddy	NUP	
237	U Than Tin 		Kyait Latt (1) 	Irrawaddy	NLD	
238	U Tin Win 		Kyait Latt (2)	Irrawaddy 	NLD	Dissident

239	U Min Swe		Pyar Pon (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison 3 years 
240	U Than Htun		Day Da Ye (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Dissident
241	U Chit Than 		Ma U Bin (1)		Irrawaddy	NUP	
242	U Hla Myint		Ma U Bin (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison
243	U Myo Nyunt 		Dae Da Ye (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison 7 years
244	U Mya Win		Inga Pu (1) 		Irrawaddy	NLD	25 yrs In prison
245	Dr. Sann Aung		Inga Pu (2)		Irrawaddy	Ind.	NCGUB, Thai
246	U Tin Oo		Myan Aung (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Dissident
247	U Myint Thein		Myan Aung (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Dissident
248	U Si Maung 		Lay Myat Hna (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	Died 3/30/91
249	U Sann Myint 		Lay Myat Hna (2)	Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison
250	Dr. Ye Myint 		Kyan Gin		Irrawaddy	NLD	
251	U Win Kyaing		Bo Galay (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Resigned 
252	Dr. Sein Myint 	Bo Galay (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Resigned 
253	U Aung Kyaing		Nyaung Don (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
254	U Thar Soe		Nyaung Don (2)	Irrawaddy	NLD	Resigned 
255	Dr. Tin Min Htut	Pan Tanaw (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison
256	Man Nyunt Thein	Pan Tanaw (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
257	U Kyaw Myint		Zalun (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison
258	Col. Kyi Win (Ret.)	Zalun (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Passed away
259	David Hla Myint	Nga Pu Daw (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	Dismissed
260	Dr. Sitt Tin		Nga Pu Daw (2)	Irrawaddy	NLD	Resigned
261	U Nyunt Haing		Bassein East (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
262	U Hla Kyi		Bassein East (2)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
263	U Tin Chaw		Bassein West (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
264	U Kyaw Min		Bassein West (2)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
265	U Nyunt Win		Ye Kyi (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
266	U Maung Maung		Ye Kyi (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
267	U Hla Pae		Maw Kyun (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	CRPP
268	U Tin Hla 		Maw Kyun (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
269	U Aung Kyin		Maung Mya (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Dissident
270	U Soe Min		Maung Mya (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Dissident
271	U Man Jony		Kyun Pyaw (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
272	U Tin			Kyun Pyaw (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
273	U Win Myint		Da Nu Phu (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
274	U Thaung Ye		Da Nu Phu (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Resigned 
275	U Tin Htut		Ein Mae (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	In Australia
276	U Myint Maung		Ein Mae (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	Surrendered
277	U Saw Lwin		Kyaung Kone (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
278	Dr. Hla Win		Kyaung Kone (2)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
279	U Kyi Win		Lat Putta (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
280	U Aye Kyu		Lat Putta (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	
281	U Mya Than		Hinzada (1)		Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison
282	Dr. Zaw Myint		Hinzada (2)		Irrawaddy	NLD	25 yrs in prison
283	U Hla Myint		Thar Paung (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	
284	U Than Win		Thar Paung (2)	Irrawaddy	NLD	Dissident
285	U Tin Aung		Wae Khae Ma (1)	Irrawaddy	NLD	In prison
286	U Kyaw Myint 		Magwe (1)		Magwe		NLD	
287	U Soe Myint		Min Bu (1)		Magwe		NLD	
288	U Hla Soe		Min Bu (2)		Magwe		NLD	Dissident
289	U Kyi Lwiwn		Nga Pae		Magwe		NLD	
290	U Tar			Salin (1)		Magwe		NLD	
291	U Kan Oo		Salin (2)		Magwe		NLD	
292	U Kyae Shin		Pwint Phu (1)		Magwe		NLD	
293	Dr. Aung Moe Nyo	Pwint Phu (2)		Magwe		NLD	Resigned
294	U Aunt Yi		Sae Tottra		Magwe		NLD	
295	U Aung Soe		Magwe (2)		Magwe		NLD	
296	U Myint Thein		Chauk (1)		Magwe		NLD	
297	Dr.. U Nyunt Sein	Chauk (2)		Magwe		NLD	
298	U Thar Aung		Myo Thit (1)		Magwe		NLD	
299	U Chit Htwe		Myo Thit (2)		Magwe		NLD	In prison
300	U Aung Htoo		Gangaw			Magwe		NLD	Resigned

301	Dr.. Kyi Min		Pakokku (1)		Magwe		NLD	
302	U Hlaing Aye		Pakokku (2)		Magwe		NLD	
303	U Maw Ni		Yeza Gyo (1)		Magwe		NLD	Resigned 
304	U Tin Maung		Yeza Gyo (2)		Magwe		NLD	Resign.  6/4/91
305	U Kyaw Tin		Saw			Magwe		NLD	
306	U Chit Tin		Min Hla		Magwe		NLD	Released
307	U Han Zaw		Sin Paung Wae		Magwe		NLD	
308	U Htun Win 		Min Tone		Magwe		NLD	
309	U Myint Aung 		Kan Ma			Magwe		NLD	Resign.  2/8/91
310	U Soe Win		Sait Pyu		Magwe		NLD	
311	U Khin Maung Than	Tha Yet		Magwe		NLD	Resigned 
312	U Khin Mg Kyi		Pauk (1)		Magwe		NLD	
313	U Aung Naing Oo	Pauk (2)		Magwe		NLD	
314	U Saw Win 		Htee Lin		Magwe		NLD	In prison
315	U Aung San Myint	Myaing (1)		Magwe		NLD	Released
316	U Myint Aung 		Myaing (2)		Magwe		NLD	
317	U Nyunt Hlaing	Myae Htae (1)		Magwe		NLD	5 years
318	U Thein Zan 		Myae Htae (2)		Magwe		NLD	In prison/Resign
319	U Thein Kyi		Taungtwingyi (1)	Magwe		NLD	Dissident
320	U Than Naing 		Taungtwingyi (2)	Magwe		NLD	
321	Thakin Khin Nyunt	Yaenanchaung (1)	Magwe		NLD	
322	U Kyaw Kyaw 		Yaenanchaung (2)	Magwe		NLD	
323	U Bo Htwe		Net Mauk (1)		Magwe		NLD	
324	U Aung Myint Thein	Net Mauk (2)		Magwe		NLD	
325	CK Taik Kwe		Falam (1)		Chin		CNLD 	
326	Dr. Zahleithang	Falam (2)		Chin		CNLD	NCGUB, India
327	U Lain Uk		Hakha			Chin		Ind.	In USA
328	U Roh Uk		Matupi (1)		Chin		MPP 	
329	U Shwe Thang		Matupi (2)		Chin		NLD	
330	U Kyaw Htun		Palatwa (1)		Chin		NLD	
331	U Htwe Aung 		Palatwa (2)		Chin		NLD	
332	U Lain Mar 		Kanpalet		Chin		NUP	
333	U Shain Pae Lay	Min Tat		Chin		CNLD	
334	Dr. Hmu Thang		Htan talan		Chin		Ind.	
335	U Htan Lian Paung	Tun Zan		Chin		ZNC 	In India
336	U Ngin Htan		Teddim (1)		Chin		NLD	Resigned
337	Pukyin Shin Htan	Teddim (2)		Chin		ZNC	
338	U Maung Maung Lat	Belin (1)		Mon		NLD	NLD/LA, Thai
339	U Maung Maung Gyi	Thanphyuzayat (1)	Mon		NLD	
340	U Myint Thein		Kyait Ma Yaw (1)	Mon		NLD	
341	Naing Khin Maung	Kyait Ma Yaw (2)	Mon 		Mon NLD	
342	Naing Htun Thein	Thanphyuzayat (2)	Mon		Mon NLD	
343	Khun Myint Htun	Tha Hton (1)		Mon		NLD	7 yrs in prison
344	U Ye Htut		Kyaik Hto (1)		Mon		NLD	
345	Dr. Aye Zan		Kyaik Hto (2)		Mon		NLD	In prison
346	U Nyan Win		Paung (1)		Mon		NLD	
347	Naing Thaung Htwe	Paung (2)		Mon		NLD	
348	U Than Maung		Tha Hton (2)		Mon		NLD	Resigned 
349	U Maung Maung		Belin (2)		Mon		NLD	
350	Dr. Min Soe Min	Ye (1)			Mon		Mon NLD		
351	Dr. U Kyin Thein	Ye (2)			Mon		NLD	Resigned 
352	Daw Tin Saw Oo	Mu Don (1)		Mon		NLD	Passed away
353	Dr. Kyi Win		Mu Don (2)		Mon		Mon NLD	
354	U Lun Tin		Moulamein (1)		Mon		NLD	CRPP
355	U Chan Aye		Moulamein (2)		Mon		NLD	In prison
356	U Aung Kyi Nyunt	Chaung Zon (1)	Mon		NLD	
357	Daw Khin Htay Kwe	Chaung Zon (2)	Mon		NLD	
358	U Hla Min		Kwat Thaung		Tanaserian	NLD	In prison (7 yr)
359	U Toe Po		Yae Pyu		Tanaserian	NLD	
360	U Tin Myint		ThaYet Chaung		Tanaserian	NLD	Resign 9/27/91
361	U Hla Pe		Long Lon (1)		Tanaserian	NLD	
362	U Chain Tin		Long Lon (2)		Tanaserian	NLD	
363	U Soe Nyunt		Tavoy (1)		Tanaserian	NLD	Died 11/10/91
364	U Myo Aung		Tavoy (2)		Tanaserian	NLD	
365	U Kyaw Shain		Meik (1)		Tanaserian	NLD	
366	U Myaing Aye		Meik (2)		Tanaserian	NLD	
367	U Kyi Shwe		Pu Law			Tanaseian	NLD	

368	U Win Oo		Tanintharyi		Tanaserian	NLD	
369	U Ohn Myint		Boat Pyin		Tanaserian	NLD	Resign 11/27/91
370	U Khin Maung Oo	Kyuan Su		Tanaserian	NLD	
371	U Hlaing  		Nyaung Shwe (1)	Shan		NLD	Resigned
372	U Ohn Maung		Nyaung Shwe (2)	Shan		NLD	
373	U Aung Than		Pin Daya		Shan		NLD	
374	U Sao Thar Tint	Pin Long (2)		Shan 		SNLD 	Died on 9/26/90
375	U Sein Win		Se Saing		Shan		UPNO 	
376	U Maung Gyi		Pin Long (1)		Shan		UPNO	
377	U Myint Than		Kalaw			Shan		UDLD 	
378	U Yan Kyin Maw	Kon Lon		Shan		SKDP 	
379	U Sai Nun Tip		Maing Yang		Shan		NLD	
380	U Khun Htun Lu 	Ho Pan			Shan 		NUP	
381	U Sai Shunn Lwae	Maing Khet		Shan		NLD	
382	U Sai Lon Kyaut	Kyaing Tung (1)	Shan		NLD	
383	U Sai Ye Tip 		Kyaing Tung (2)	Shan		NLD	
384	U Sai Myint Maung	Lashio (1)		Shan		NLD	
385	U Than Htay		Lashio (2)		Shan		NLD	
386	Dr. Hla Shain		Yat Sod		Shan 		NLD	
387	U San Hla		Ho Pong		Shan		UPNO 	
388	U Sai Thun Lu		Thein De		Shan		SNLD	
389	U Marko Ban		Phae Khone		Shan		DOKNU 	NCGUB, Thai
390	U Kyaw Khin		Taung Gyi (1)		Shan		NLD	In prison
391	U Khun Pae Htwe	Taung Gyi (2)		Shan		NLD	
392	U Aung Thein		Ywa Ngan		Shan		UNDP 	
393	U Sai Hla Pe		Mu Sae (1)		Shan		SNLD	
394	U Sai Maung Lay	Mu Sae (2)		Shan		SNLD	
395	U Hla Din		Mai Yae		Shan		SNLD	
396	U Sai Thar Aye 	Nant Khan		Shan		SNLD	
397	U Khun Gyi		Tant Yan (1)		Shan		SNLD	
398	U Htun Thar		Tant Yan (2)		Shan		SNLD	
399	U Khun Sai		Kuat Khaing (1)	Shan		NLD	Resigned
400	U Aiat Ye  		Kuat Khaing (2)	Shan		Ta-aung NLD
401	U Hla Pe (Sai Pa)	Kyauk Mae (1)		Shan		SNLD	
402	Sai Saung Se  	Kyauk Mae (2)		Shan		SNLD	
403	Khun Htun Oo		Thi Baw (1)		Shan		SNLD	
404	Sai Aung Than		Thi Baw (2)		Shan		NLD	Resigned 
405	U Htun Aung 		Nant San		Shan		Ta-aung NLD
406	Dr. U Ohn Maung	Moe Mait		Shan		NLD	
407	Daw May Phyo		Nant Ma Tu		Shan		NLD	
408	U Chit Khin		Ma Bain		Shan		NLD	Resigned
409	U Sai Tin Win		Nant San		Shan		SNLD	
410	U Htun Aung 		Naung Cho		Shan		NLD	
411	U Sai Win Pae 	Mine Shu		Shan		SNLD	
412	U Htun Tin		Kyae Thee		Shan		SNLD	
413	U Sai Lait (Sae Lait)	Kun Hain	Shan		SNLD	
414	U Thar Htun Mya	Lae Char		Shan		SNLD	
415	U Sai Htun Kyaw	Loi Lin		Shan		SNLD	
416	U Sai Htun Aung	Lin Khae		Shan		SNLD	
417	U Sai Aun		Mai Kaing		Shan		SNLD	
418	U Sai Htun Aung	Mai Yaung		Shan		NLD	
419	U Sun Sai		Tar Chilake		Shan		NLD	
420	U Sai New		Mai Pyat		Shan		NLD	
421	U Daniel Aung		Mai Pyin		Shan		LNDP 	
422	U Sai Kyaw Sein	Mai Ton		Shan		SNLD	Died on 4/19/91
423	U San Won		Mai Set		Shan		NLD	
424	U Sai Aut  		Mauk Mae		Shan		SNLD	
425	U Sai Moe Kyi		Maig Pan 		Shan		SNLD	
426	U Khun Pwint		Moe Nae		Shan		SNLD	
427	U Kyaw Maung 		Moe Nyin (1)		Kachin		NLD	
428	U JM Nolla		Man Si			Kachin		NLD	
429	U Pu Htwe		Ba Maw			Kachin		NLD	Resigned
430	U Thaung Ngwe		Moe Mout		Kachin		NLD	Resign 3/4/92
431	U G Buam Hlan		Chi Bwe		Kachin		KNDC 	
432	U M M San Kaung 	Sot Law		Kachin		NUP	
433	U Zaw Ein		Sun Parabon		Kachin		KNDC	Resign 12/5/91
434	U Ma Phan Sin		Khaw Bude		Kachin		NLD	Surrendered
435	U Ain Nan Gan 	Ma Chan Baw		Kachin		NLD	Surrendered
436	U Tin Myint		Kar Mine		Kachin		NLD	
437	U Yaw  Se		Puta-O			Kachin		NLD	Surrendered
438	U M Sin Sar		Nung Mun		Kachin		NUP	

439	Daw Sein Tin 		Shwe Gu 		Kachin 	NLD	Resigned 
440	U Mya Maung		Myit Kyina (1)	Kachin		NLD	Died on 6/16/90
441	U Oo Byit Too		Myit Kyina (2)	Kachin		KNDC	Resign 1/13/92
442	U Kyar Mya		Moe Nyin (2)		Kachin		NLD	Surrendered
443	U I Zawtaung 		Ta Naing		Kachin		NLD	
444	Duwa Zaw Aung		Wai Maw		Kachin		NLD	
445	U Htun Kyi		Moe Kaung		Kachin		NLD	
446	U Saw Sitt Tar Kalait	Than Daung (2)		Karen	NLD	Dismissed 
447	U RP Thaung		Than Daung (1)	Karen		DOKNU	
448	U Saw Htun Phae	Hlaing Bwe (1)	Karen		KSNO 	
449	U Saw Htun Lwin	Hlaing Bwe (2)	Karen		NLD	Resigned 
450	U Saw Chit Than	Pa-an (1)		Karen		NLD	
451	U Htun Chit		Pa-an (2)		Karen		NLD	
452	Nan Khin Htwe Myint	Pa-an (3)		Karen		NLD	
453	U Hla Maung		Kyarinseitkyee (1)	Karen		POCL 	
454	U Kyin Thein		Kyarinseitkyee (2)	Karen		NLD	
455	U Aung Than		Phar Pun (1)		Karen		NLD	
456	U Ba Aye		Phar Pun (2)		Karen		NLD	
457	U Man Myaing Aye	Kaw Ka Yeik (1)	Karen		NLD	Dismissed 
458	Naing Thaung Shain	Kaw Ka Yeik (2)	Karen		Mon NLD 	In Thailand
459	U Sein Bo		Mya Waddi		Karen		NLD	
460	Dr. Htun Aye 		Kyauk Taw (1)		Araken		ALD	
461	U San Thar Aung	Kyauk Taw (2)		Araken		NUP	
462	U Mya Maung		Yan Byae		Araken		NLD	
463	U Thein Maung		Man Aung		Araken		NLD	
464	U San Maung		Kyauk Pru (1)		Araken		NLD	
465	U Tin Gyi		Kyauk Pru (2)		Araken		NLD	
466	U Maung Kyun Aung	Rathae Taung (1)	Araken		NLD	
467	U Tha Noe		Rathae Taung (2)	Araken		ALD	NCGUB, India
468	U Saw Mya Aung 	Myauk Oo (1)		Araken		ALD	
469	U Eat Byar Ain	Maung Daw (1)		Araken		NHRDP	
470	U Paw Zaw R Mauk	Maung Daw (2)		Araken		NHRDP	
471	U Aung Hla Zan	Myauk Oo (2)		Araken		ALD	
472	U Pyu Sein Oo		Myae Pon		Araken		ALD	
473	U Kyaw Khaing		Taung Goke		Araken		NLD	
474	U Maung Myint 	Min Pyar (1)		Araken		ALD	
475	U Htun Win		Min Pyar (2)		Araken		ALD	
476	U Shwe Ya		Sittwe (1)		Araken		Kaman NLD
477	U San Htun (Lu Pyu)	Sittwe (2)		Araken		ALD	
478	U Ba Than		Pauk Taw (1)		Araken		ALD	
479	U Saw Htun Sein	Pauk Taw (2)		Araken		ALD	
480	U Aung Thun Sein	Ponar Kyung		Araken		ALD	
481	U Htun Ye		Than Twae		Araken		NLD	
482	U Nyi Pu		Gwa			Araken		NLD	
483	U Kyaw Min		Bu Thee Taung (1)	Araken		NHRDP 	In prison
484	U Tin Maung 		Bu Thee Taung (2)	Araken		NHRDP	
485	U Ne Win		Ann			Araken		NLD	

13  DGOSP = Democratic Graduates and Old Students Party
14  DP = Democracy Party
18  Chairman of the NLD
18  CRPP = Committee Representing People's Parliament
44  Dissidents who differed from NLD leadership in April 1999
57  Died in prison on 1/18/91
71  FTUB = Federation of Trade Unions-Burma
72  Died in prison on 2/8/91
82  PND = Party for National Democracy
91  NUP = National Unity Party
130  Ind. = Independent
142  Resign. on 9/1/91; Passed away
143  CRPP = Committee Representing People's Parliament
148  KPD = Kyaukpadaung
198  NHRPP = Naga Hills Regional Progressive Party
219  UNLD = United Nationalities League for Democracy
220  (a) Lt. Col. Kyaw San Nyein
229  KSNLD = Kayah State All Nationalities League for Democracy
248  Died while hiding 3/30/91
309  Surrendered
325  CNLD = Chin National League for Democracy
328  MPP = Mra People's Party
335  ZNC = Zomi National Congress

371  U Htun Hlaing
374  SNLD = Shan National League for Democracy
375  UPNO = Union Pa-O National Organization
377  UDLD = Union Danu League for Democracy
378  SKDP = Shan State Kokang Democratic Party
387  UPNO = Union Pa-O National Organization
389  DOKNU = Democratic Organization for Kayan National Unity
392  UNDP = Union National Democracy Party
400  (a) U Hla Han
402  (a) Nelson
411  (a) Win Pae
421  LNDP = Lahu Naional Development Party
424  (a) Sai Tin Aung
431  KNDC = Kachin National Congress for Democracy
432  U Mot Mhaw San Kaung
443  U Inwankhan Zawtaung
448  KSNO = Karen State National Organization
453  POCL = Patriotic Old Comrades League
468  In prison, Speaker of Parliament
483  National Democratic Party for Human Rights


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