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KYO Statement.

Statement of Karen Youth Organization

May 17, 1999

1. The Karen Youth Organization (KYO) held an emergency meeting on
14-55-99. The Karen National Union (KNU) leaders, the KYO central
executive committee members and KYO representatives from the various
districts attended the meeting. The meeting elected 9 members, as
mentioned below, for the new central executive committee.

1. Saw Htoo Naw			Chairman

2. Saw Htee Say			Vice-Chairman

3. Saw Ray				Secretary

4. Saw Shee Lay			Joint Secretary

5. Khaing Mar Kyaw Zaw		Organizing and Information Officer

6. Saw Hsel Bweh			Social Affairs Officer

7. Saw Rocky				Sports and Physical Affairs Officer

8. Saw Eh Seeyo			Treasurer

9. Saw Paulu Sein			Auditor

2. The Executive Committee will undertake, as its main responsibility, to
train and educate Karen youths, who will undertake, in the future, the
responsibilities of the KYO.

3. As the KYO is convinced that the youths are to take over and carry on
the national duties in the future, it will do its utmost, with unity, to
undertake the work of training and education, among the youths of the
Karen people, for the development of them, in respect of their mental
power, knowledge and moral character. 

4. The KYO will also do its utmost for the strengthening of the Karen
National Union (KNU), for the progress and success of the Karen
resistance, and for the political alertness and unity of the Karen

5. We, the KYO, would like to affirm that we will do our level best, hand
in hand with the youths at home and abroad, for the political vigilance
and unity of the Karen youths.