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TOI: India/Drug/Burma

India can be home to traffickers in drug processing chemicals 

The Times of India, New Delhi
May 19, 1999

               NEW DELHI: India, without strict vigil, can turn out to be the
               main supplier in South Asia of chemicals used for processing
               narcotic drugs, experts have warned.

               Being the largest regional manufacturer and exporter of
               `precursors' or chemicals which have legitimate industrial
use but
               are also essential for drug production, there is a lurking
               that these substances may find their way into illicit
production of
               drugs and psychotropic substances, says C. Chakraborty,
               member of the international narcotics control board (INCB).

               There have been attempts and successful diversions of
               from India, says a report brought out by the South Asian
office of
               the United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP).

               India, along with Pakistan and Myanmar, have been involved in
               several incidents of diversion of ephedrine, which has
               pharmaceutical application but is also used for drug
               manufacturing, says the UNDCP newsletter.

               Over 2000 kg of ephedrine was seized in Myanmar in 1997, a
               substantial part of which might have originated from India, it

               In 1998, a series of seizures totalling 350 kg took place in
               near the Myanmar border, while recently about 250 kg of the
               substance was again seized along the same border. (PTI)

The Burma Info/New Delhi