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Japan Myanmar envoy criticises U.S.

Subject: Japan Myanmar envoy criticises U.S. sanctions move (Reuters News

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Japan Myanmar envoy criticises U.S. sanctions move 
04:04 a.m. May 21, 1999 Eastern 
TOKYO, May 21 (Reuters) - Myanmar ambassador to Japan Khin Maung Thein on
Friday criticised U.S. sanctions on his country, saying the move was not to
the advantage of either nation. Thein also denied U.S. allegations of
repression and human rights abuse. 

``The actual situation is very much different,'' he told a news conference.
``The government may be a military junta, but they are also Buddhist, guided
by the principles of love and compassion.'' 

On Tuesday, U.S. President Bill Clinton extended sanctions on Myanmar for
another year for what he called large-scale repression of the democratic

In a letter to Congress, Clinton said his decision continued a ``prohibition
on new investment'' in Myanmar, formerly Burma, by Americans. The old
sanctions expired on Thursday. 

In February, the United States criticised Myanmar for serious human rights
violations including torture, arbitrary detentions and forced labour. 

A State Department report said the ruling generals ran a highly
authoritarian military regime which was holding more than 1,000 political

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