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Statement of CGN (Burma) Eng

Statement on the formation of the Computer Generation Network 
(CGN) - Burma

It is essential for Burma's opposition movement to keep up to date with the
latest advances in computer technology, particularly to ensure that their
communication and information networks are as effective as possible. While
individuals in some of the opposition groups have gained advanced computer
skills, there is no coordinating body to ensure that these skills are shared
amongst all the other groups. We have formed the CGN (Burma) to fulfil this
need and ensure that the latest computer technology can be shared among the
various democratic and ethnic forces, and overseas compatriots who can use
technology in their struggle to overthrow the SPDC military regime and set
up a
new democratic Burma with equal rights for the ethnic peoples. 


1. To support Burma's opposition movement up to date with the latest computer
2. To spread information about the movement using this technology
3. To train computer user for the new generation
4. To network with computer experts worldwide

Members of the CGN Working Committee

1. Information Department                                    Ko Win Naing Oo
2. Publishing Department                                      Ko Daung Ni
3. Technical Department                                       Ko Lwin Moe
4. Training Department                                          Ko Thet Soe
5. Financial Depertment Ko Htet Khaing
6. Research Department                                        Ko Aung Than 
7. Networking Department (and Coordinator)   Khaing Myo Min Aung

Planned activities

1. Repairing computers
2. Giving trainings
3. Setting up a Web Page
4. Assisting in the production of publications
5. Collecting and distributing information
6. Call CGN Seminar 

Working committee,
CGN ( Burma )

Contact address 

Email - CGN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.O Box 191, 
Chiang Mai University P.O,
ChiangMai 50202

Tel: 66 - 55 - 542 864
Web <http://www.cgn-burma.org/>www.cgn-burma.org