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Junta is about to create anti-Musli (r)

Subject: Re: Junta is about to create anti-Muslim riots in Burma

Junta is creating a Buddhist-Muslim riot since 1988.  In 1988, some 
students and people started a local wise small sporadic demonstrations 
around Taung Gyi, Prome, Pegu and Rangoon, the BSPP regime created the 
Muslim-Burmese riots in Prome and Taunggyi but we distributed  phamplets 
and warned the peole not to fall into their trap and we succeeded.  
The junta only has this way out for escaping from the comming nation wide 
demonstrations in future, all Burmese need to be cautious about thier dirty 
China-Burmese riots occured in 1967 but it is not likely to happen 
because the regime is heavily depend on the chinese government for thier 
survival and using the China card for their improving their financial 
status and cooperation from the ASEAN.

Htun Aung Gyaw 

On Sat, 22 May 1999 gawdech@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>      MLOB statement  on Junta's tricks to create anti-Muslim riots in Burma
> We,  the Central Executive Committee of the Muslim Liberation Organization
> of Burma (MLOB), would like to appeal to peace and justice-loving people of
> the world , World Muslim leaders,  Buddhist monks  and Buddhist brethren
> of Burma, to kindly prevent the ruling military junta, SLORC/SPDC,  from
> again inhumanely creating  anti-Muslim riots in Burma in the near future.
> The ruling military junta's agents have been distributing, in Rangoon and
> other parts of Burma, two anti-Muslim booklets alleging that  the Muslims
> are trying to subvert all other religions. The  booklets further refer to
> what has happened in Iraq and Indonesia  in claiming that  the Muslims in
> Burma are about to turn Burma into an Islamic state. ( Please see also Far
> Eastern Economic Review, May, 13, 1999,  page  8).
> The allegation in the booklets by the ruling junta is both totally inhumane
> and impossible as the Muslims in Burma are  very much a minority, who are
> continuously persecuted, brutalised  and even restricted from moving freely
> in many areas of Burma. The Muslims have been living in Burma peacefully
> for several hundred  years  side by side with their sister communities. The
> junta's allegation is politically motivated  and it is a harbinger of the
> military dictatorship's plan to make the Muslims as scapegoats  for the

> junta's failure  to resolve Burma's  mixed problems created by the junta
> itself.
> The innocent Muslims have been made  scapegoats many times before,  by the
> military rulers. In February-April, 1997,  the junta created anti-Muslim
> riots in central Burma which later  spread  even to Rangoon, resulting in
> 43 mosques alone, many religious institutions and public properties being
> destroyed or set ablaze.  The inhuman brutality was consciously planned and
> executed  by the junta  to divert the attention of the Buddhist monks who
> had started to demonstrate against the junta,  as the junta's officials had
> stolen precious stones and gold from Mahamyatmunee Buddha statue in
> Similarly, in 1991, SLORC created anti-Muslim riots in Arakan forcing
> 300,000 Rohingyas to flee into Bangladesh , in order to detract the
> people's attention from dissatisfaction over the refusal  by the junta to
> hand over power to the NLD following the elections in 1990.
> Now  Burma is again at a critical juncture with soaring inflation,
> collapsing economy and health services, and an uneducated generation of
> young people with no hope for the future.  To better understand the junta,
> it is helpful to know that the junta took over power in 1988 by massacring 
> several thousand innocent civilians,  marching in peaceful demonstrations
> for democracy and human rights. The 1999 session of the UN  commission on
> human rights is an appropriate background against which to consider the
> brutalities of the military junta.
> As reported by the Special Rapporteur, the military junta continues to
> violate all human rights, engaging in  extra-judicial and arbitrary
> executions, enforced disappearances, rape, arbitrary seizures of land and
> property,  forced labour, arrests, torture, detention without trial,
> inhuman treatment of prisoners leading to illness and death in custody,
> forced relocations, directed against the ethnic and minorities resulting in
> flows of refugees to neighbouring countries, restrictions on movement faced
> by Muslims in Arakan, the continued harassment , arrest and detention of
> opposition NLD members led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and students,
> all  when most of the Burmese people are  starving.
> The people of Burma are (or)  have become totally dissatisfied with the
> military junta. The situation of Burma is very  explosive  and it is
> assumed that  mass-uprisings all over Burma against the military junta will
> take place before the end of the year, 1999.  The military junta is well
> aware of the situation and they want to make the innocent minority Muslims
> again  scapegoats   for their failures to solve Burma's political,
> economic, social,  ethnic problems and the people's  dissatisfactions.
> The junta's systematic distribution of anti-Muslim booklets is nothing
> other than a dirty trick to create hatred between Muslims and non-Muslim
> communities and instigate anti-Muslim riots as before,  in order to divert
> the attentions of the people from forthcoming mass-uprisings against  the
> junta in Burma.

> We, therefore, would like  to sincerely urge all world communities, world
> Muslim leaders, Burma's Buddhist monks and Buddhist brethren to kindly stop
> the military junta from creating further brutalities against the innocent
> Muslims in Burma.
> The Central Executive Committee,
> Muslim Liberation Organization of Burma.
> Dated. May, 22,1999.