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Mahn R. Ba Zan's letter to Daw Aung

Subject: Re:  Mahn R. Ba Zan's letter to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Dear Robert, 
I am very much moved by the letter you sent to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
recounting your bitter experiences and the unanswered question of hate
and mistrust between Karen and Burman 
I beleive every nationality should have nationalist spirit and only that
spirit made them proud of who they are and made them love their people
and retain their language and their culture. Never
the less when nationalist spirit cross the line into racism, it create
greater conflict and humanitarian catatrosphe. Burma Military Regime is
doing exactly the same thing of creating and encouraging racism to
flourish in the ethnic minority areas. Let me discuss why I do beleive
SPDC is the culprit. 
SPDC oppress all the people of Burma by any possible means, but in the
ethnic minority areas the magnitude of oppression is far greater than in
any other parts of the country. The occupation troops of Burma Army
create " Master-Slave" environments every where in the ethnic minority
areas. With the pretext of cutting off supply to the resistant fighters,
they enslave the villagers, torture them, rape them and even execute them
with out any apparent reason. The practice has been going on for decades
but the last ten years has been very much intensified. This crime of
humanity has become wide spread and the number of times committed is
countless. Never the less, SPDC has not punished a single soldier or any
officer who had committed these crimes of humanity. In return the
minority people hate and distrust the soldiers who are mostly the Burman
The only thing, I beleive, to reduce hate and mistrust between Burman
people and the minority people is to work together on equal basis that
will benefit all the participants. SPDC has not  created that kind of
environment. Instead, they instigated the people to destroy one another.
SPDC instigated Burman to kill some innocent Chinese in 1967, SPDC
instigated Burman to destroy Burmese Muslim mosques,spread pamphalets
about the potential danger of Islamic jihad, SPDC instigated and devide
Karen Budhist from Karen Chrisrians and even there was rumour 
that SPDC poisoned ceased fire group Kachin leader and Shan ceased fire
group leader and elders. 
Dear Robert, you and your comrades are doing all you can to defend
yourselves and at the same time you all are trying to protect your
people. I highly commend you and your comrades for undertaking your

national tasks with valor.
There is no doubt in my mind that when we can build up true and
democratic Union, we will have the opportunity to work together in peace
and harmony and spell out hate and mistrust among our diverse ethnic
nationalities. Hate and mistrust at this moment is institutional and SPDC
is responsible for creating and breeding that to happen.
I wish to see you write some times and post it in Burma net so that we
can share our thoughts and openions to raise awareness for our people and
our country. 

With Love and Best Regards.

                                                   SAW AUNG KHIN
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