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Shan States Army Marks Resistance D

Subject: Shan States Army Marks Resistance Day: 

23 May 1999 

Shan States Army Marks Resistance Day 

Reports came in yesterday of the Shan States Army commemorating the Shans'
anniversary of their resistance which fell on Friday (21 May). 

In his new hideout across the border, Yawdserk, Commander of the Shan States
Army Southern, delivered a speech to his troops and invited guests, among whom
included a dramatic troupe and ex-resistance leaders who have become "elders"
and "advisers". Representatives from southern townships were also seen among
the guests. 

"The junta keeps relocating the people forcibly. And they keep telling them
that it's because of the Resistance that the people are being subject to such
misery. If the people are going to swallow the junta's lies, it's best we
forget the whole thing", he said. His audience, not unexpectedly, spoke in
favor of continuing the struggle under his leadership. 

"We may or may not like him", said one of the guests. "We may even disagree
with him in a lot of issues. But we should not forget that when Khun Sa
surrendered 3 years ago, the Shan national pride also went down to its lowest
ebb. It's because of his renewed struggle that the Shans have been able to
stand up once more with pride. For this service, he deserves our support one
way or the other". 

Shan resistance began in 1958 under the leadership of Sao Noi aka Saw Yanda
after Rangoon failed to honor its promises of autonomy resulting in widespread
human rights violations. 

Shans had joined Burma in 1947 under the treaty called Panglong Agreement
guaranteed Full Autonomy, Human Rights and Democracy for them. They have been
fighting against successive Rangoon governments since the terms of agreement
were violated. Their main party is the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy
that won the General Elections in the Shan State in 1990 and their central
armed movement is the Shan States Army. 

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