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Burma Out!! Scapegoat scandal at Tw

Subject: Burma Out!! Scapegoat scandal at Twickenham 

Buirma Out spent the most of today engaged in rugby affairs.
The home of rugby is not so far away from here at

We are so proud our Drug Czar?

The drug farce in the UK

The captain of the England rugby squad has 
today been delionized and ruined because he 
admitted when young he had been "a drug dealer". 

Yet the farce continues and the IOC (Geneva) and 
the Australian government can be alllowed by the 
international media and the rest of the jolly good 
sports "mob" to invite their local drug dealer who
provides the Aus streets with 86% of its heroin, to 
the international community's Olympic party.  

Sydney 2000?  "It's not only a racket" and now
unacceptable to those thousands of people who 
continue to suffer the wastenesses of death and 
injury from  the lack of proper policies and 
government agency corruption on the hard 
drug trade. But also, every time you accept 
this "news" garbage from such as the News of 
the World and the Telegraph, you, the media 
are also now condoning a policy of injurious 
farce and hypocritical nonsense

Why slay a rugby captain who laid an once 
or two on a friend when you should be targeting 
Geneva, Sydney, BBC Sport and Rangoon? 
And all those that allow such drug trade regimes 
to compete. 

The IOC Does Not hold the copyright on any 
"Olympic spirit". Only the international community 
holds that right. 

And that's why the media should begin to fight,
instead of auto-grasping such a spinning load of 


Follow the appreciations of the Shan Democratic Union, 
film maker John Pilger,  HH the  Dalai Lama, The Free Burma 
Coalition, Dennis Skinner MP, Tony Benn MP, parliamentarians, 
Socialist Workers' Party, JPR Williams, sportspersons, Hendrix 
bassist Noel Redding, Abdullah Ibrahim, musicians,  All 
Burma Students Democratic Organization and numerous others.  

             Support a REAL war on drugs : Sydney 2000 : Burma Out!

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creators rights in a cultural market monopolised by the 
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music and anti-racism and was first in line in calling for a 
sports boycott of Burma for the Sydney 2000 Olympic 

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