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Embassy refused to hand out attacke

Subject: Embassy refused to hand out attackers

Burmese Embassy staff attacked and seriously injured their dissidents in
aconcert venue.
Embassy refused to hand out attackers

At 4 PM on 23rd, two Burmese dissidents were attacked by the Burmese
embassy staff and seriously injured at a concert hall in Tokyo.
This concert was held by the Burmese Embassy in 22nd and 23rd to image up
themselves in Japan.

  They planned to perform four stages in two days. Dignitaries, diplomats,
Japanese investors were invited. But the seats were not occupied well.
After the 1st stage of the 2nd day, when the curtain closed, Mr. Michael(
Myo Min Htut,) Burmese Youth Volunteer Association staff 31, and Dr. Khin
Maung Oo, veterinarian 36, shouted " Restore the Democracy" in Burmese.
Consequently(six Embassy staff attacked the two hitting on their heads by
camera, punched and kicked. Several Japanese policemen were at the venue.
The attack was practised in front of Japanese policemen.

The concert was conceived by the Gang Three, Daw Mya Mya Win, Dr. Win Naing
and Dr. Htun Aye. They had been granted asylum status by the Japanese
government as democracy activists, but betrayed the democratic cause in
1998 to collaborate with the military junta to suppress pro-democracy
activists with their know how on democracy movement in Japan.

The Gang Three planed to have a concert to soften the bad image of the
junta in Japanese society. Also using this chance as a tablet of crucifix
to notify the Burmese who do not obey their order. To threat them by
refusing the revalidate of their passport to weaken the pro-democracy
activities in Japan.
The Embassy accepted the idea of the Gang Three and planed the concert.
Famous entertainers in Burma was scheduled.  Besides, the Embassy promised
Burmese society in Japan to improve their welfare if they collaborate with
selling tickets of the concert.  Most of Burmese did not collaborate with
the Embassy because of the past lying records of the Embassy. Instead,
Burmese in Japan decided to have a protest rally in front of the concert

Around 200 Burmese gathered in front of the venue by shouting slogans and
handing out leaflets when the dignitaries entered into the venue.
Among the attackers, Dr. Htun Aye was a good kicker on the legs and chests
of the two.

About 20 metres from the spot, Daw Tang Ba, 36, a wife of Dr. Khin Maung
Oo, was there. When she noticed the incident, she started to shoot by her
video camera. But three Embassy staff also attacked her to get her video
cassette. The man who grabbed the cassette was a son of the 1st Secretary L
Gaw Gun.
After the attack, one of a Japanese police pointed out him and asked where
the cassette is, but he rejected to hand him out by talking that he never
see such cassett.

Japanese policemen tried to take the attackers to the police station, but
one of them showed his passport saying that he has a diplomatic immunity.
The police shut out the venue and tried to negotiate with the Embassy for
three hours. But Ambassador Khin Maung Tin refused to hand the attackers to
the police saying,
" If you want to interrogate, come to the Embassy. The incident was caused
by the dissidents. Our staff was on their duty with diplomatic immunity"
  The police gave up and only investigated the spot. Further action will be
depend on diplomatic talks.
Burmese dissidents out side the venue said,
" We did not violate the Japanese law, but the Embassy violated"
" The incident was happened in a concert venue, not inside the Embassy.They
have no the right to use the diplomatic immunity"
Burmese dissidents are going to request the attackers to hand out to the
Japanese authorities.

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