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Embassy refused to hand out attacke (r)

Subject: Re: Embassy refused to hand out attackers

Do you have any physical evidence that the attackers staff members from
the embassy? If you do not have that, could you please post or e-mail
about Japanese police reports over the incident? Or could you please
provide the attackers' name?

The reason why I am asking you is?if the attackers were from the
embassy, we, American in the US and through the world, will possibly
lead a campaign to retaliate all embassy staffs and ambassadors from
the Burmese embassy around the world, of which we will attack them
wherever we see whenever we meet, regardless of boundary.  

Remember that the staff members from the embassy do not only have the
physical availability, but we American activists who love and support
the democracy activists from Burma do also have our availability to
retake single drop blood from the staffs.  

Again, I would like to warn all activists to be alert whenever you
encounter a staff member or staff members from the embassy because they
can attack you any time.

John Rabin

> policemen were at the venue.
> The attack was practised in front of Japanese
> policemen.

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