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MIHRA : The Concert in Japan

The disrupted liberation concert in Japan

Mihra will not stand for this type of attack on 
either audience nor performers bringing 
liberation to those entrapped inside their nation.

Instead we will bring the attention of the music 
media in Europe to the nazilike bully boy tactics 
being employed by the Burmese Embassy in Japan. 

Liberation concerts are not to be disrupted for 
any reason whatsoever. And we strongly 
recommend you all to program another concert
as soon as possible. This time hiring or using 
bodyguards, Then any Embassy friends can
attend without being shot but receiving only 
the superficial injuries they sustained while 
in support of an inhumane bunch of drug dealing 
self legitimized Rangoon based mafiasshole 
drug  thuggies. 

Next time?

Fight fire with fire, and take no "diplomatic 
immunity" prisoners.


Follow the appreciations of the Shan Democratic Union, 
film maker John Pilger,  HH the  Dalai Lama, The Free Burma 
Coalition, Dennis Skinner MP, Tony Benn MP, parliamentarians, 
Socialist Workers' Party, JPR Williams, sportspersons, Hendrix 
bassist Noel Redding, Abdullah Ibrahim, musicians,  All 
Burma Students Democratic Organization and numerous others.  

             Support a REAL war on drugs : Sydney 2000 : Burma Out!

Music Industry Human Rights Association

http://www.mihra.org / policy.office@xxxxxxxxx 
US Satellite http://www.212.net  
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Mihra was founded during UN50 to advance and protect 
creators rights in a cultural market monopolised by the 
recording  / publishing Grand Cartel. Mihra's roots are in 
music and anti-racism and was first in line in calling for a 
sports boycott of Burma for the Sydney 2000 Olympic 

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