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AMWU supports CRPP (r)

Australian  Manufacturing Workers' Union
(Registered as AFMEPKIU)

NSW State Office
133 Parramatta Rd. Granville NSW 2142
Post Office Box 167, Granville NSW  2142
Telephone (02) 9897 2011  Fax (02)9898 2219

May  11, 1999

Maung Maung Than
General Secretary
All Burma Student's Democratic Organisation
1A Vaughan Street

Dear Sir

The NSW State Council at its meeting on Friday 7th May 1999 had before it
your correspondence dated April  29th.

The NSW State Council notes with concern the continued repression by  SLORC
of democratic rights of the Burmese people including the right of peaceful
protest and the right to organise and belong to a free trade union.

State Council declares its support for the All Burma Students Democratic
Organisation  (ABSDO) and calls on;

(i) the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) to engage in a peaceful
dialogue with the Committee Representing the People's Parliament (CRPP) to
hand over power to the Government democratically elected in 1990 and
recognise the establishment of free student and trade unions,

(ii) the SPDC to immediately release all political prisoners,

(iii) the Federal Government to impose economic sanctions against the
military dictatorship in Burma,

(iv) the NSW State Government to adopt selective purchasing laws with
regard to companies that have investments in Burma.

State Council further supports the initiatives of the ABSDO in organising a
sequence of peaceful mass rallies and Free Burma speaking tours commencing
27 May 1999 outside the Burmese Embassy, Canberra and culminating in ABSDO
International Day of action on 9th September 1999.

State Council also determined to donate $ 200 to ABSDO to assist in the cost
of the Free Burma Speaking Tour.

Accordingly, I enclose a cheque for $200 and will be advising our Canberra
Office Co-Ordinator Nina Churchward, to ensure the AMWU has a presence at
the May 27th Rally.

Yours in Unity

Paul Bastian

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