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ABSDO condemns Tokyo's SPDC crime

Urgent Press Release Dated: 24.05.99
ABSDO condemns SPDC for Tokyo attack
We, members of All Burma Students Democratic Organization , strongly
denounce the
criminal acts committed by the SPDC lackeys and thugs during the cultural
aimed to promote SPDC in  Tokyo on May 23th 1999.
A number of  peaceful activists demonstrated inside the stadium in protest
against the
military rule and their violent suppression of the human rights of the
entire people of
Burma when the violent attack occurred that resulted in two activists
We believe peaceful expression of democratic belief as democratic rights
which every one
can practice regardless of the residency or backgrounds. Japanese government
must protect all those who campaign for return of democratic and human
rights in Burma ruled by the military over 37 years.
Democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said the illegitimate SPDC regime has
increased their brutal suppression against the whole democratic movement
inside Burma
since CRPP has founded by 251 members of parliament- elect  in mid-
September 1998.
We are deeply concern that these insulting attacks on the peaceful
demonstrators are now
spreading all over the world. This incident in Tokyo is recorded as  the
first case
sponsored by the SPDC embassy in Tokyo.
We feel that attack over Burmese democratic activists in Tokyo is attack
over members of
ABSDO , the entire democratic forces around the world and people of Burma
The root cause of this criminal attack is the  recognition of SPDC by the
government as well as lacks of recognition and support to CRPP led by Daw

Aung San
Suu Kyi as legitimate highest authority of present Buma and its lawful
rights to convene
the people' parliament in accordance with 1990 My elections.
Therefore, we strongly urge Japanese government to withdraw all form of
toward SPDC regime and to extend recognition and support to CRPP as
legitimate highest
authority of people of Burma . And we also urge Japanese government to
expel illegal SPDC regime from Japanese soil. Finally we urge Japanese
government to
protect and support the peaceful democratic activists currently residing in
All Burma Students Democratic Organisation  (Australia)