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Cornell Student assembly passed the

Subject: Re: Cornell Student assembly passed the Burma resolution

Dear Burmese Activists,

Cornell Student Assembly passed the Students' right resolution at the end
of this semester.  Please write a thankful letter to Amandeep and Josef
Kang.  Here is their e mail address: Amandeep Singh <<as195@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Joseph Kang <<ijk4@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Htun Aung Gyaw

At 10:27 PM 5/23/99 -0400, you wrote:



	Hi how are you? I have great news for you. We all passed the letter
below to the leaders of burma. We will mail it as soon as we get an
address from you. If you could reply soon and give me the address we have
to mail it to, it would be great. Thanks,





</smaller><bold><bigger>University Student Assembly                      
                       </bigger></bold>Office of the Assemblies

                              165 Day Hall

                              Ithaca, New York 14853-2801   

                              Telephone: 607 255-3715

                              Facsimile: 607 255-9412

<bigger><bigger>Dear Leaders of the Government of Burma,

We write today in support of our fellow students in Burma, who are as
deserving of higher education as anyone else in the world, and who we

firmly believe should have the liberty to assemble and the freedom to be
educated.  This is a letter of our most sincere plea.

Cornell University is a place where men and women of all nations, creeds
and origins congregate under one single unifying principle: the pursuit
of knowledge.  Such a place, where thinking thrives, skills are 
acquired, and intellectual and moral ideas are forged, is essential to
human progress.  We write to you from the pinnacles of higher education
in the belief that knowledge and academy encourage a more enlightened
citizenry, a more productive society, and a progressive drive within
human civilization itself.  It is the fundamental right of humankind to
learn, and it is to the benefit of society to promote it.

We believe it is of crucial importance that the Nation of Burma and the
Burmese people look to the future and reopen the gates of education.  We
must all strive for a stronger nation built upon knowledge and the
freedom to learn, where the people can have the opportunity to develop
and advance themselves.  We sincerely believe this dream of progress
cannot be realized in Burma unless higher education is restored, and the
students are again allowed to assemble.

It is with a certain conviction and a praying heart that we urge this
reform of the Burmese government's educational policy, for we know it can
only result in a stronger Burmese nation and a greater Burmese people.

Thank you very much.

Most Sincerely,

Cornell University Student Assembly