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Violence against Peace


What happened in the notorious Tokyo concert is the reflection of the
situation in 1988 nation wide uprising.

The un-armed demonstrators were brutally gunned down by the military
junta, while they were peacefully expressing and demanding for justice
and freedom.It is really a tell-tale sign that the regime use violence
and force in dealing with any form of opposition protests inside the
country and now, even outside the country.

What we have to remember is that Burma is just one monstrous prison in
the extent to which everyday life of every single man, woman, and child
is controlled by the junta. It is not surprising that people are so
cowed and terrified to express their opinion in their own country.
However, we who are outside the realm of control of the junta should
take the opportunity to step up their efforts after witnessing this

Dr Khin Maung Oo and Michael Collins have our highest respect for the
sacrifices they have made and for standing up in the name of justice and
freedom. We are also very much concerned for the head injuries they
received.From the medical point of view, head injuries might seem mild
in the initial stage, which later manifest into a serious condition.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all the activists who
organized the protest against the junta's propaganda and in the process,
uncovered the brutal side of SPDC to the international community.

We would also like to urge the Burmese and Japanese authorities to take
the matter very seriously and hope that justice will