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Activists Deploy Effigies in Unocal

Subject: Activists Deploy Effigies in Unocal Protest (LA Times)

SOUTHLAND FOCUS  (Los Angeles Times)
              Activists Deploy Effigies in Unocal Protest 
              By NANCY RIVERA BROOKS
                       An unusual sight greeted motorists passing the
                        Unocal Corp. business complex in Brea: two
                        large puppet-like effigies dancing and
                   shadowboxing as part of a protest at the oil
                   company's annual shareholders meeting. One effigy,
                   in a dark suit, was labeled "Unocal CEO," and the
                   other was dressed as a military officer. The activists
                   are demanding that El Segundo-based Unocal
                   abandon a controversial pipeline project in
                   Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, home to a
                   military regime that has been widely denounced for
                   terrorizing political opponents. A shareholder
                   resolution directing that outside corporate directors
                   prepare a report detailing the cost to Unocal of
                   opposition to its business dealings in Myanmar was
                   defeated, receiving 7.1% of the vote.